The Price of Deception

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The price of deception is about identical twins who are the only children of King Lerole, the king of a rural South African state called Dipororo. The twins, Naledi and Noko, went to Johannesburg to study medicine on the insistence of their mother, Queen Dudu, who conceived them at the age of forty-seven by artificial insemination without the kings knowledge and consent. A ritual was performed for them before they began with their medical studies, and they were given beads by a traditional healer, Lenaka, who instructed them not to take them off, but the twins took them off and lied about it. As a result, bad luck followed them, and the younger twin, Noko, failed her first year of medical studies, and her twin sister, Naledi, decided to commit fraud by assisting Noko to obtain a medical qualification by impersonating her during tests and examinations. Naledi was impregnated by a player, Wandi, who didnt love her, and she gave him money to marry her, but he did not turn up for their wedding, which led to the kings poor health to deteriorate further, and he eventually died at the hands of his brother, Monate, who blackmailed the twins to abdicate, and he crowned himself as the next king after his brothers funeral. Naledi was mugged by thugs in an upmarket suburb of Johannesburg and was raped and assaulted by one of the thugs. Naledi was found lying naked and unconscious by a homeless man by the side of the road, her face bruised and unrecognizable. The homeless man covered her with his filthy jacket and took out his worldly possessions from his trolley, carried Naledi in it, and pushed her to the hospital. Naledi was mismanaged by her twin sister during labor, resulting in a ruptured uterus and other complications, and she ended up in Intensive Care Unit. During her recovery, she was diagnosed with postpartum psychosis and was transferred to a mental institution.

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