Love Notes 2

The Journey of Love
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Lola Campbell Brown
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The Customs and practices surrounding love and marriage was different inancient times. Marriages were frequently arranged and were not always for love.
Yet, in the Bible, love and relationship issues were at the heart of most incidents.
Love is mentioned no fewer than 458 times in the Old Testament and more if
deutromological accounts are included.
Love Notes 2 the Journey of Love is the sequel to Love Notes published in 2011.
Book 2 is not only a compilation of Inspired quotes and short verses, but takes
the reader on a reflective journey of insightful life ruminations and experiences.
Spiritually enriching, issues such as forgiveness, using your inner voice, and how to
effectively follow your dreams and implement your vision is highlighted.
The author firmly believes that love should be practiced and is a much needed quality
in todays society. This latest book is again, the result of encouragement and inspiration
after visiting the state of Colorado, USA. She is grateful to the friends she met there,
who inspired her, to follow her own dreams. Lola is also grateful to her friends and
family in the United Kingdom. Who have not ceased from their encouragement and
cheer. Their faith in her has continued to inspire her creativity.

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