Called Before Birth

The Autobiography of Helen Lawrence
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Helen Lawrence
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As Helen grew from infancy to childhood, she is aware something is not right in her family. The family problem only became clear as Helen reached school years.
Much of her appreciation of life as a whole came to her as she spends many hours alone in the fields and woods in the area where the family was living. It is here that Helen observes the beauty and wonder of creation.

An avid reader from a young age, she finds solace in the stories of children and adults in a similar situation as herself and finds satisfaction in their triumph over adversity.

After the Second World War is over and the family moves to South Africa, life becomes fuller as Helen begins to discover who she is as a person.

Through the love and nurture of Christians, she comes to a spiritual awakening of Gods love for her and that he has a purpose and future for her.

Helen discovers she has a calling from God; she follows that calling as she is led by the Spirit of God and, eventually, becomes an ordained minister in the Church of England.

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