When Losing a Child

A Book of Poems
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Myra Sutton
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Note: The Proceeds of this book will be forwarded to Children's Charities
My Son Carl tragically lost his life in a fatal car accident. As you can expect, I had trouble coming to terms with this. I was in shock for a very long time and was just existing from day to day. Everyday was an uphill struggle, it was like climbing a huge mountain. I was a physical and emotional wreck and my life will never be the same again.

Through all the heartache, I decided to write a poem about Carl, then many other poems followed, which then developed into my book. The book is all about my own personal grieving experience, by expressing all my feelings through poetry. It's the emotional journey, that I have gone through, after losing my Son. The painful loss, deep sadness, my love for him and how my life has changed, now he sadly is no longer a part of it

There are countless numbers of parents, who have lost a child. Whether they were a baby, small child, teenager or of adult age. The painful loss that you experience is still the same no matter what age your child was.

The poems in my book may help, by offering some comfort, by sharing my feelings and emotions with you. As I'm sure that what I have experienced through losing Carl, will undoubtedly be similar to what your experiencing through your sad loss. I truly hope my book will help you in some small way.

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