Graded Exercises in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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Christopher R. Robertson
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1. Direct Current Circuits.- Equations.- Constants.- Assignment Questions.- 2. Electrostatics.- Equations.- Constants.- Assignment Questions.- 3. Magnetic Circuits and Electromagnetism.- Equations.- Constants.- Assignment Questions.- 4. Alternating Quantities and A.C. Circuits.- Equations.- Constants.- Assignment Questions.- 5. Networks, D.C. Transients and Feedback Amplifiers.- Equations and Theorems.- Assignment Questions.- 6. Electrical Machines.- Equations.- Assignment Questions.- 7. Control Systems and Logic.- System Elements and Analogies.- Assignment Questions.- Answers to Assignment Questions.
This book is designed to complement the two volumes Electrical and Electronic Principles 1 and 2. Due to the graded nature of the assignment questions, many of them are quite demanding, and will therefore also be found of use for Higher National, first-year undergraduate studies in electrical engineering, and associated bridging courses. Of necessity, the assignment questions at the end of each chapter of most textbooks tend to concentrate solely on the topic covered by the relevant chapter. However, this tends to fragment the subject matter. Consequently the student, once tested, tends to 'forget' about earlier topics and concentrates solely on the current topic of study. This effect is compounded by the current system of phase tests and assignments in preference to a comprehensive end test on completion of the unit of study. The objective of this book is to present more realistic engineering problems. In many cases this means that the student has to utilise knowledge gained over a range of topics in order to arrive at a solution. This will help the student to view the unite s) as a cohesive whole, rather than isolated pockets of knowledge. In order to enhance the integrative aspect, some exercises include topics from the BTEC Electronics syllabuses together with some elements from the Electrical Applications. The subject matter of this last unit has considerable overlap with that of Electrical and Electronic Principles.

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