Theoretical and Clinical Applications

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Joseph E. Shorr
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Theoretical.- Towards the Scientific Study of Imagination.- Symbols: Aspects of the Theory of Self-Regulation.- On the Physiological Measurement of Imagery: An Overview.- The Nature, Function, and Description of Sensation, Perception, Feeling, and Imagery.- The Therapist Representation Inventory: Theoretical and Methodological Considerations.- A Phenomenological Investigation into the Spontaneous Occurrence of Imagery on the Part of the Therapist During a Therapy Session.- Creative Drama and Imagery.- The Use of Visual Imagery in Training Professional Helpers.- Psycho-Imagination Therapy.- Psycho-Imagination Therapy's Approach to Body Imagery.- The Uses of Self-Image Imagery in Psychotherapy.- The Integration of Sullivanian Theory and the Use of Imagery in Couples Therapy.- Correlation of the Shorr Imagery Test and the Imaginal Processes Inventory.- Clinical Application.- Enhancement of the Torque Response Through Task Related Imagery.- Undoing Somatic Repression Through Kinesthetic and Kinetic Body Imagery.- Spatial Memory Processing: Enhancement During Hypnosis.- Relaxation/Desensitization in the Treatment of Flight Anxiety in Student Naval Aviators and Flight Officers.- Bizarreness Effects of Imagery of Memory of Preschool Children.- Noses on Our Faces: The Non-Use of Photography in Psychological Research and Practice.- The Experiences Accompanying Olfactory Stimulation.- The Role of Propositional Structure in Memory for Visual Stimuli.- Imagery: A Powerful Tool in the Behavioral Process of Anxiety Reduction.- Imagery and Family Therapy.- The Personal Imagery Questionnaire: Description, Evaluation and Initial Applications.- Sexual Daydreams in 40 to 60 Year Old Women: The Influence of Menopause, Sexual Activity, and Health.- The Transformation of Key Images as Indicators of Change.- The Effectiveness of Integrating Humor into Imagery Techniques During Psychotherapy: Outcome Assessment.- Relaxation/Covert Rehearsal for Problematic Children: A Pilot Study.- Art Therapy.- Of Time and the Right Brain.- The Use of Art Psychotherapy on the Management of the Addictive Process.- Art Therapy: An Integrator for Victimology.- The Case of Joan Sommers: A Six-Year Old Amnesia Victim of Rape.- Art and Imagery in Adult Psychoanalysis.
When discussion began four years aga about launehing the American Association for the Study of Mental Imagery there was still a great deal of skepticism on the part of many academic and clinical psychologists. They held to the gradually diminishing view that mental imagery was too idiosyncratic a subject for intensive study. However, there were sufficient visionaries to recognize the undeniable importance of imagery for the functioning of life in memory and the transmission of information. Through the valiant efforts of these pioneers in psychology, art and movement therapy, and others in the field of human relations the organization has grown and flourished. Even more important is the burgeoning of knowledge about the ubiquitous nature of imagery and its impact on life. The third annual meeting of AASMI was held in 1981 at Yale University under the sponsorship of president-elect Jerome L. Singer. Sixty-five persons presented papers, workshops and theoretical studies. This volume represents the broad array of topics and approaches offered at the conference. While it is informative and stimulating to read and study the articles in this volume they can convey only a fraction of the excitement and the knowledge available to those who attended the conference. The reader will reap a two-fold benefit from this volume, for not only does it cover a vast array of topics related to imagery, but it also offers the strong possibility that the results of these works can be included in one's daily work as a clinician and/or researcher.

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