Protein-Metal Interactions

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Mendel Friedman
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48, Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology

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1. The Evolution of Metals as Essential Elements with special reference to iron and copper.- 2. The Functional Roles of Metals in Metallo Enzymes.- 3. Studies on Carboxypeptidase A.- 4. Zinc-Wool Keratin Reactions in Nonaqueous Solvents.- 5. Heme-Protein-Ligand Interactions.- 6. 13C NMR Studies of the Interaction of Hb and Carbonic Anhydrase with 13CO2.- 7. The Anion-Binding Functions of Transferrin.- 8. Lactoferrin Conformation and Metal Binding Properties.- 9. Physicochemical Studies of Ca++ Controlled Antigen Antibody Systems.- 10. Calcium Binding to Elastin.- 11. The Coordination of Calcium Ions by Carp Muscle Calcium-Binding Proteins A, B, and C.- 12. Ferroxidases and Ferrireductases: Their Role in Iron Metabolism.- 13. Copper and Amine Oxidases in Connective Tissue Metabolism.- 14. Copper- and Zinc-Binding Components in Rat Intestine.- 15. Metal-Albumin-Amino Acid Interactions: Chemical and Physiological Interrelationships.- 16. The Effect of Zinc Deprivation on the Brain.- 17. Biochemical and Electron Microscopic Studies of Rat Skin During Zinc Deficiency.- 18. Nickel Deficiency in Chicks and Rats: Effects on Liver Morphology, Functional and Polysomal Integrity.- 19. Selenium Catalysis of Swelling of Rat Liver Mitochondria and Reduction of Cytochrome c by Sulfur Compounds.- 20. Childhood Exposure to Environmental Lead.- 21. Cellular Effects of Lead.- 22. Distribution, Tissue Binding and Toxicity of Mercurials.- 23. Interactions of Mercury Compounds with Wool and Related Biopolymers.- 24. Interactions of Keratins With Metal Ions: Uptake Profiles, Mode of Binding, and Effects on Properties of Wool.- 25. X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopic Studies of Biological Materials. Metal Ion Protein Binding and Other Analytical Applications.- 26. Metal Analysis in Biological Material by Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy.- 27. The Application of Perturbed Directional Correlation of Gamma Rays to the Study of Protein-Metal Interactions.
Metal ions and proteins are ubiquitous. Therefore, not surprisingly, new protein-metal interactions continue to be dis covered, and their importance is increasingly recognized in both physical and life sciences. Because the subject matter is so broad and affects so many disciplines, in organizing this Symposium, I sought participation of speakers with the broadest possible range of interests. Twenty-two accepted my invitation. To supplement the verbal presentations, the Proceedings include five closely re lated invited contributions. The ideas expressed are those of the various authors and are not necessarily approved or rejected by any agency of the United States Government. No official recommendation concerning the sub ject matter or products discussed is implied in this book. This book encompasses many aspects of this multifaceted field. Topics covered represent biochemical, immunochemical, bioorganic, biophysical, metabolic, nutritional, medical, physiological, toxi cological, environmental, textile, and analytical interests. The discoveries and developments in any of these areas inevitably illumine others. I feel that a main objective of this Symposium, bringing together scientists with widely varied experiences yet with common interests in protein-metal interactions, so that new understanding and new ideas would result has been realized. I hope that the reader enjoys and benefits from reading about the fascinat ing interactions of metal ions and proteins as much as I did.

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