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F. D. Land
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Nightmares book sixEye of Alantium
The island of Alantium was a trade center
of the Mediterranean. All kinds of ships came to
the island to trade. Ships from the countries of
all, the known world. Persia, Egypt, and Greece,
traded with Alantium. But even with all those
ships coming and going the Alantiums always knew
which ships carried weapons and men, and they
were always sunk.
Screams in the Dark
Saving up her money to buy a house and
finally had enough. She found one about eighty
five miles from New York to the north in a little
town called Deadville. The house Christine had
found was an older house. But she could tell by the
way it looked, that it had been worked on some, off
and on through out the years. She wondered why
no one had finished the work on it, and why no
one lived there. But it was kind of secluded. It set
right in the middle of a hundred acres no neighbors
for miles. Christine liked the seclusion and she was
determined to stay in the house. The devil himself
could not chase her off. She would fight the demons
of hell to keep her house.
Leader of the Pack
I saw them go into the bushes; I saw Bobby
stop and Johnny saw him too, he came sliding to a
stop behind Bobby. Bobby looked back at me and
smiled and jumped headfirst into the bushes and
out ran two rabbits and up the hill they went with
Bobby right behind. Johnny looked back at me
with a disgusted look on his face. He had learned
another lesson, to keep an eye on whats going on
at all times.
Ghost of Ocean Manor
She walked up to the door and placed the
key in the keyhole. She turned the key, and she
could hear the lock as it unlocked. She turned
the doorknob and it turned just fine. She pushed
on the door, but it wouldnt move at all. She
turned the key again thinking that maybe it hadnt
unlocked. She could hear the lock as it locked
and she could hear it as it unlocked. She pushed
on the door again and it moved a little that time,
and then pushed shut again.

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