Foreign News on Television

Where in the World Is the Global Village?
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Akiba Cohen
Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers
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Contents: Akiba A. Cohen/Thomas Hanitzsch/Agnieszka Stepinska/William Porath/Christine Heimprecht: Rationale, Design, and Methodologies - Agnieszka Stepinska/William Porath/Constanza Mujica/Xiaoge Xu/Akiba A. Cohen: The Prevalence of News: Domestic, Foreign, and Hybrid - Knut De Swert/António Belo/Rasha Kamhawi/Ven-hwei Lo/Constanza Mujica/William Porath: Topics in Foreign and Domestic Television News - Jürgen Wilke/Christine Heimprecht/Youichi Ito: Countries of Location and Countries Involved - António Belo/Elizabeth Godo/Knut De Swert/André Sendin: Actors in Foreign News - Jürgen Wilke/Christine Heimprecht: Formal Features and Sources in Foreign News - Joseph M. Chan/Francis L.F. Lee: Foreign News on Public and Commercial Stations - Lars Willnat/David Weaver/Agnieszka Stepinska/Ven-hwei Lo: Who Uses News, How Much, and Why? - Thomas Hanitzsch/Abby Goodrum/Thorsten Quandt/Thilo von Pape: Interest in Foreign News - Thilo von Pape/Thorsten Quandt/Thomas Hanitzsch/Jacques Alkalai Wainberg: Countries of Interest - Constanza Mujica/Thomas Hanitzsch: Gatekeepers on Decision-Making in Foreign News - Lars Willnat/Akiba A. Cohen: Self-Reflexivity of Gatekeepers on Content and Viewers of Foreign News - Knut De Swert/Akiba A. Cohen: Linking Content and Audiences: Topics in the News - Francis Lee/Jürgen Wilke/Akiba A. Cohen: Linking Content and Audiences: Countries of Interest - All Project Participants: Overall Conclusions for Individual Countries - Akiba A. Cohen: Where in the World Is the Global Village?
Spanning several years of research, this book compares and contrasts how public and commercial TV stations present foreign, domestic, and hybrid news from a number of different countries. It examines what viewers of television news think about foreign news, their interest in it, and what sense they make of it. The book also assesses what the gatekeepers of foreign news - journalists, producers, and editors - think about what they produce, and about their viewers. This book shows that while globalization is a dominant force in society, and though news can be instantaneously broadcast internationally, there is relatively little commonality throughout the world in the depiction of events occurring in other countries. Thus, contrary to McLuhan's famous but untested notion of the «global village», television news in the countries discussed in this book actually presents more variability than similarity. The research gathered here is based on a quantitative content analysis of over 17,000 news items and analysis of over 10,000 survey respondents. Seventeen countries are included in this research, offering a rich comparative perspective on the topic.

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