Making Race Matter

Bodies, Space and Identity
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Claire Alexander
586 g
241x161x22 mm

A unique focus on emerging issues in racial and ethnic studies the body and space
Written by established scholars in the field
Linking of theoretical concepts with empirical material to engage students
Foreword; H.Carby.- Introduction; C.Knowles & C.Alexander.- Mapping Subjectivities; D.Goldberg.- PART 1: SPACE & DIASPORA.- "Home from Home": Youth, Belonging and Place; L.Back.- Diaspora Politics Through Style: Racialized and Politicized Fashion in Global Markets; P.Bhachu.- Global and Local Articulations of Asian Identity; M.Song.- Comparing New Migration with Old: Exploring the Issue of Asylum and Settlement; K.Reed.- Making Whiteness: British Lifestyle Migrants in Hong Kong; C.Knowles, Photographs by D.Harper.- PART 2: THE BODY & SUBJECTIVITY.- Brilliant Bodies, Fragile Minds: Race, Sport and the Mind/Body Split; B.St.Louis.- Remembering Bodies, Healing Histories: The Emotional Politics of Everyday Freedom; D.Noble.- Uses of the Exotic: Body, Narrative, Mixedness; S.Ali.- Fear and Loathing in Front of a Mirror; O.Stuart.- Culture, Sexuality and Identity in an Ethnic Minority Community: The Case of Greek-Cypriot Gay Men in London; C.Phellas.- Embodying Violence: 'Riots', Dis/Order and the Private Lives of 'the Asian Gang'; C.Alexander.- Afterwords; D.Goldberg.
This collection of original pieces brings together critical perspectives on the intersection of ethnic and gender identities as spatialized forms of embodied social practice, tackling important recent themes such as whiteness, masculinity, the body, sexuality, diaspora and globalization. Designed to bring these debates to students in a way that bridges contemporary theory with vivid case material, this is a lively and wide-ranging text of relevance to a range of social sciences.

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