British Political Facts Since 1979

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D. Butler
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Unrivalled reputation of David Butler as a political commentatorComprehensive - all the facts and figures on the British polity in one volumeThe definitive record of British political history. This has become a standard reference book for students, scholars, journalists and politiciansPrevious editions have sold very well: 1,645 copies of 8th edition (published 2000) sold in the UK in the first year
INTRODUCTION PART I: MINISTRIES Conservative Government 1979-1990 Conservative Government 1990-1997 Labour Government 1997 - Index of Ministers PART II: PARTIES Conservative Party Labour Party Liberal Party (Social and) Liberal Democrats Minor Parties PART III: PARLIAMENT House of Commons House of Lords Royalty PART IV: ELECTIONS General Election Statistics General Election Results by Regions Referendum on E.E.C Membership Party Changes between Elections M.P.s' Changes of Allegiance M.P.s Elected under New Label M.P.s Denied Party Renomination By-elections Seats Changing Hands at By-elections Notable Retentions of Seats in By-elections M.P.s Resigning to Fight By-elections Electoral Administration, Franchise and Redistribution Election Expenses Central Party Expenses Lost Deposits Women Candidates and M.P.s 1918-2005 Election Petitions and Challenges Sources on Electoral Matters Public Opinion Polling Organisations Polls on Voting Intention Opinion Poll Accuracy in General Elections PART V: CIVIL SERVICE Heads of Departments and Public Offices Top Civil Service Salary Level Prime Minister's Staff Size of Civil Service Next Steps PART VI: JUSTICE AND LAW ENFORCEMENT Criminal Justice Legislation 1979- Legislation Relating to Administration of Civil Justice, 1979- Cases of Political Significance Principal Judges Other Legal and Law Enforcement Officials Royal Commissions, Committees of Inquiry and Tribunals Intelligence Services Security Commission Number of Judges Civil Proceedings Judicial Review Criminal Statistics Prison Population Parole Board, 1967- Police Force PART VII: POPULATION, HEALTH AND EMPLOYMENT U.K. Population and Migration 1979- Geographical Distribution Birth Rates, Death Rates, and Marriages in the U.K. Racial Composition of the UK Population Maintained Secondary Schools by Religious Character Pupils in Full-time Education Higher Education Statistics Transport Post and Telecommunications Employment PART VIII: THE TREASURY AND THE ECONOMY Sources of Government Economic Advice Economic Interest Groups Statistics Budget Dates Privatisation 1979-97 Nationalised Industries External Financing Requirements of Nationalised Industries Regulators of Privatised Industries Central Government Trading Bodies Other Quasi-governmental Organisations PART IX: THE BRITISH ISLES Scotland Wales Northern Ireland 1972- The Channel Islands The Isle of Man Devolution PART X: LOCAL GOVERNMENT Structure Scotland Number of Councils in England and Wales Major Legislation Affecting Local Government Local Authority Interest Groups Local Government Elections PART XI: INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS Major Treaties and Documents Subscribed to by Britain since 1979 International Organisations British Ambassadors to Leading Powers, 1979- PART XII: EUROPEAN UNION The European Union (Communities), 1973- A Chronology of Events since 1979 Summits 1979- Net UK Payments to European Community Institutions European Parliament, 1973- Leaders of the British Party Delegations Referendum on E.E.C Membership Direct Elections to European Parliament European Court of Justice, 1973- Non-EU European Organisations with British Membership PART XIII: COMMONWEALTH Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings, 1979- Independent Self-Governing Members of the Commonwealth British Colonies and Dependencies Defence Major Military Operations PART XIV: THE PRESS National Daily Newspapers National Sunday Newspapers London Evening Newspapers Partisan Tendencies in General Elections Partisanship in Elections Circulations Provincial Morning Daily Newspapers, 1900- Main Political Weeklies The Press Council, 1953-1990 Press Complaints Commission, 1991- PART XV: BROADCASTING The British Broadcasting Corporation Independent Broadcasting Inquiries into Broadcasting PART XVI: POLITICAL ALLUSIONS Political Place Names Political Quotations Political Scandals Major Civil Disturbances and Demonstrations (in Great Britain) Political Assassinations BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE Internet Addresses INDEX
British Political Facts Since 1979 is the definitive record of the who, the what and the when of British political history from the election of Mrs Thatcher as Prime Minister to the present day. It is a comprehensive reference work that will be invaluable to students of Contemporary British Politics.

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