The Mollies Were Men (Second Edition)

The Final Chapter
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Dr. Thomas Barrett
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On June 21, 1877, in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, ten men were executed by court order. All were said to be members of the "Molly Maguires," a secret society formed during the latter half of the nineteenth century by the Irish coal miners of the anthracite regions of Pennsylvania. Dr. Barrett, using a wealth of authentic records and backed by intensive research, contends that although the Mollies did exist and did perpetrate some crimes, their trials and arrest were ridden with perjury, false accusations, and unbelievable miscarriages of justice, all condoned by the politicians of the era.
Hired by a mine executive, a Pinkerton detective, carried out a course of espionage among members of a Molly "lodge" which resulted in the conviction and execution of a large number of Molly Maguires.
It is the authors belief that this secret group, which appeared to take the law into its own hands, was forced to do so by the circumstances of the era and, by so doing, helped to set the pattern for our modern-day enlightened labor conditions. They were persecuted, convicted and hanged but they did accomplish their purpose, which was to someday force better working conditions for their fellow man.

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