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Judy Wilson
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Triumph is a story, my story about survival, and about the hardship my family and I went through as a family. It is about the long standing suffering the bouts of depression, my mothers anguish of trying to make ends meet, the fight for decent living, housing, medical and social change. It tells about the fight against mental illness centering on my mothers eldest daughter, strife jealousy and hatred by our relatives. This story goes back to the 1800s. I recorded on paper as told to me by my mother, and the rest I recorded on paper according to what I saw growing up in America. These are hardships I personally faced as a child teenager and as an adult. Triumph is a difficulty story of my life, and without encouragement from my mother, I dont think I would have written it. It was very painful for me to write. I wrote this sometime ago, but the pain is still there. I hope Triumph can reach people who have had similar pain and hardship. Because by the grace of God, I am still here. I have not completely recovered because at times the same incidents happen but in life today. I understand, and I know how to deal with them. I want people to read Triumph because there is more to the pain. There is a fully renewed spirit that I have now, and I am very powerful. I dont let pain absorb me anymore, and there is closure and inner peace. All the things that make life enjoyable, although abuse physical and mental can be conquered, I am living proof of that. I am Judy Wilson and I am alive. I want you to read Triumph with ease and peace of mind. There is light at the end of the Rainbow.

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