Mountain of My Dreams

The Early Years
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Richard T. Antony
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Most people end up questioning what they've chosen to do with their life. Richard Antony, an electrical engineer, went beyond just asking himself the age-old question. In the late 1970s, he convinced his wife, Sandra, a contract specialist, they needed to give up their promising careers and comfortable suburban lifestyle to start an azalea nursery in the foothills of the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains. Because the couple had no horticultural training or business experience, few mechanical skills, and absolutely no idea what they were getting themselves into, numerous adventures followed. In the first of four planned books, Richard recounts, through hundreds of vignettes, the couples colorful story, a story of triumph and despair, of high expectations and harsh reality, and of the people who touched their lives along the way. In the tradition of such classics as The Little House on the Prairie and Walton's Mountain, Mountain of My Dreams shares the true story of two ordinary people and their memorable, often remarkable twenty-five-year journey. Much more than just another "back-to-the-land" chronicle, this is a heartwarming tale of a man, a woman, and their belief in each other. If youve ever wondered why the less traveled road is less traveled, you need to read their story.

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