Maximum Selling

Bob and Rob’S Journey to Sales Success
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Jeff Gardner
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The book titled Maximum Selling: Bob and Robs Journey to Sales Success is an outstanding book for developing and strengthening
your selling skills immediately. There are two key advantages why this book
is an absolutely necessity for anyone that wants more sales and for those who
manage people who want more sales. First, the book addresses each aspect of
the sales process in the exact progression that will maximize your opportunity
to win and keep new business. Secondly, the book is written in a story format
about two salespeople who want to sell more, a great deal more, but do not know
how. Bob and Rob take the sales journey that will ensure their success for a
lifetime. The book is funny, easy to read, and the tools you will learn can
be used the moment you put the book down, which of course you will not want
to until you finish the last page (with its own unique ending).
Maximum Selling will literally put in your hands the
tools and specific techniques needed to accelerate you to your own maximum level
of sales performance that you truly are capable of achieving. Find out how Bob
and Rob take the journey of examining their own confidence levels and learn
how to self manage the behaviors that will lead to their own success. Discover
a goal setting method that will blow the doors off of anything you have seen
before. Realize how to effectively prospect, uncover hidden needs of the buyer,
and present superior selling solutions. Negotiate through objections and gain
commitment with greater ease than you thought you could obtain. These are just
some of the insights you will gain by reading this one of a kind book.
Here is what Brian Tracy, one of the worlds most renowned
sales development and motivational specialists and author of Focal
Point, Advanced Selling Strategies, and Maximum Achievement, had
to say about Maximum Selling: Bob and Robs Journey to Sales Success:
This book gives you a step-by-step process you can apply
immediately to make more sales, faster, and easier than you ever imagined possible.
Make the investment in yourself, buy and read Maximum Selling:
Bob and Robs Journey to Sales Success. Your pocket book will thank

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