Crawdads, Persimmons, and Wildplums

Things I Want My Grandchildren to Know
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Juanita Dandridge
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Juanita fondly recollects her memories of growing up in North Louisiana with her book Crawdads, Persimmons and Wildplums: Things I Want My Grandchildren to Know." She vividly recalls her growing up times in the wayback settlement of Lonehill, deep in Winn Parish. In her book, she reminisces about she and her siblings scouring the woods for the tasteful treats of such things as huckleberries, wildplums, wildgrapes, and muscadines, being frightened by a snake hungry for hen eggs, a red fox trying to grab a hen in the chickenhouse and being caught by her dads hunter trap, also community and school makedos of barely nothing, but being lovingly content and having fun.
At her numerous book signings and other purchases by interested people, they are constantly saying that the book brings back such memories of growing up with parents, grandparents and the like, or those people told them about the book. All people have had experiences growing up and the books experiences may remind them of their own experiences. People like the book for their children and grandchildren because they grew up in a time when they knew nothing about such experiences. It is hoped the children will then appreciate more the things they do have.
People like this book so much that they are buying it for their moms, pops, grandparents, children themselves, friends and relatives. Teachers are taking this book to school and reading it to their children. Young and old, black and white, everyone who tastes of its humor and delightful stories seem to like it.

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