Poetry Is the Heart

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Carlos A. Cook
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This book was written based on my experiences in matters of the heart. I realize that at times the heart tells us things that our brains dont comprehend, but we know that we really feel this way. Take for instance teenagers. I suppose that when we mature as adults, we say that we were "infatuated" with love or that we really didnt love the person that we were in love with. Please let me tell you that this process of thinking is wrong! Feelings are feelings, and we must deal with them, whether real, false, love, hate, etc. Shouldnt it be us that deal with our feeling and not have our feelings deal with us? Are we that lovesick, heartbroken teen that aches for someone to love him/her? No, so how dare we tell our daughter/son what to feel. I believe that be should let teens express and deal with their own feelings and only offer sympathetic, understanding, and sound advice, unless of course they will be physically hurt, then that protective "mother lion" in all of us have to say something.
So, how do we teach our children what love means? We dont! I mean, will they believe us anyway? I believe that in matters of the heart, words can speak louder than action and perhaps poetry is the path to do so. I mean, what is a lyric, but poetry in music and what is speech, but poetry in motion? Perhaps by reading this book, someone who is heartbroken will look at the good things in a relationship and reflect on those good things as a learning experience and also learn from the bad things as well. By doing so, he/she will not make the same mistake again (we hope).
I hope that I have shed some light on this crazy thing called love and have made at least one person, whether male, female, adult, or child (especially teenagers) feel that there will ALWAYS be someone in the world (aside from God) who knows what he/she is going through, has been there, and had learned from these experiences whether good or bad and will turn them into a beautiful gift for all the world to share.

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