Row, Row, Row Your Boat

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Patricia Linder
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"Get down, Jim. He has a gun." Alone and under siege in their quarters, the author could only watch the television screen, which showed her husband being assaulted by a mob of angry Chinese students at the Taipei airport.
This is just one of the many gut-wrenching experiences that, along with the ridiculous sight of forty-seven live lobsters crawling around their garage floor, make this book one that will take you from laughter to tears as the life of a Navy wife unfolds.
Besides being wife, raiser of children, maintainer of home, cars, lawns and appliances of all sizes, she must be able to move on a days notice. And, as an entertainer, a friend, a communicator and world traveler, she must be able to do it alone. Without a sense of humor, she is, in Navy terms, dead in the water.
Covering the Korean and Vietnam wars, the reader is given a birds-eye account of the frustrations and excitement of a Navy pilot, as he catapults off aircraft carrier decks to fly strikes over the heavily defended targets of Korea and Vietnam.
This is the story of two careers his and hers.

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