Seven Letters Detailing the Prophetic Framework of the Return of Christ

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Gregory A. Booker
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First and foremost this book is an experience an inspirational writing which the author shares revealing a Faith and a Hope for the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It reflects an intensive study in biblical prophecy and a laymans look at the worlds current state. It is comprised of Seven Letters, which details the phenomenon of Israels restoration after almost 2,000 years of nonexistence. The question for the Church is why is it back and also what is the wisdom of it from a biblical perspective. We as christians, too easily cast this Israel aside failing to take in the new wine that God is pouring out of His Spirit. As a result, the book concentrates itself on the error of this oversight in these modern times. An error that will bring the victorious Lord to be the redemptive Messiah at last for Israel . . . His chosen nation. After the Church is taken up in the rapture for those who do believe. Remember there is a church that Jesus say " I never knew you" and is left behind to prove their faith and allegiance to Him and Him only. It is all in the scriptures and the book is dedicated to bringing these ancient words from the past to show the power of God in declaring the future to his glory!

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