The Filigree Cross

The Salvation of Larry Broadfellow
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Marlene Baird
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Larry Broadfellow is a world-renowned televangelist whose charisma has built The Church of Gods Love into a multi-million-dollar empire. When Larry parades across the stage before the camera, exhorting his devotees to follow him on the glory path to salvation, they assume he knows the way. In fact, he is floundering, doubting the very words that pour effortlessly from his mouth.Though Larry is the star of the church, Reverend Patrick Brannigan and his wife, Gillian, are its foundation. Larry lost his family to a fire when he was just five years old. The Brannigans have become his surrogate parents, and Larry is in love with their daughter, Fiona.
Gillian Brannigans pending death prompts her to write Larry a letter saying she suspects that his performances are less than genuine. She asks Larry if he is a charlatan. Already insecure and shocked that Gillian would suspect that of him, Larry is plunged into a spiral of self-doubt and depression.
Thousands upon thousands of times he has preached the significance of sacrifice, devotion and trust in God, but he must now learn what those words truly mean.

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