Marcy and Her Friends

A Collection Including the Best from the Original Series of Short Stories for Children
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The first Marcy story was written to help my own second grader confront issues surrounding disorganization. The second story
was created to help her deal with a classroom bully. That story
was read by me to her class and received so well that it was
followed, by popular demand, by twenty more. The series
developed as the wishes, fears and frustrations of my daughter's
classmates, (and of several teachers), were reflected by Marcy
who handled the problems they inspired.

As my daughter grew, the Marcy stories served to remind her of
many personal accomplishments. Then, once my younger
daughter entered second grade, she was comforted by the stories
until she began to face difficulties not yet handled by Marcy.
Suddenly, Marcy had to discover a whole bunch of new
adventures both in school and during summer sleep away camp.

This book is geared towards first through third graders and has
been piloted to students 7-10 years of age. It is a read aloud
"imagination series" and intended to provide an interactive
reading experience. Students are encouraged to see Marcy
through their own eyes, as Marcy has neither race nor religion of
her own.

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