Unmanned Aircraft Systems

International Symposium On Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, UAV'08
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Kimon P. Valavanis
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This special volume is the outcome of research presented at the International Symposium on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, held in June 2008. It presents state-of-the-art findings on topics in Unmanned Aircraft Systems.
The most widely expanding area worldwide
provisional table of contents, June '08 UAS operations and integration into the National Airspace System Integrating Motion Platforms with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Improve Control, Train Pilots and Minimize Accidents, J. T. Hing, P. Y. Oh. Airborne Communication Networks for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems, E. W. Frew, T. X. Brown. UAV Integration in the SWIM Based Architecture for ATM, N. Pena, D. Scarlatti and A. Ollero. Interoperability for UAVs with STANAG 4586, P. S. Dias, J. B. Sousa, G. Gonçalves, F. L. Pereira. A Survey of UAS Technologies for Command, Control and Communication (C3), R. S. Stansbury, M. A. Vyas, and T. A. Wilson. Unmanned Aircraft Flights and Research at the United States Air Force Academy, Lt. Col. D. E. Bushey. Real-Time Participant Feedback from the Symposium for Civilian Applications of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, B. Argrow, E. Weatherhead, and E. Frew. UAS Navigation and Control Vision for Guidance and Control of UAVs in Civilian Tasks, P. Campoy, I. Mondragón, J. F. Correa, C. Martinez and M. Olivares. Vision-based Odometry and SLAM for Medium and High Altitude Flying UAVs, F. Caballero, L. Merino, J. Ferruz and A. Ollero. Real-time Implementation and Validation of a New Hierarchical Path Planning Scheme of UAVS via Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation, D. Jung, P. Tsiotras. Comparison of RBF and SHL Neural Network Based Adaptive Control, R. T. Anderson, G. Chowdhary, E. N. Johnson. Small Helicopter Control Design Based on Model Reduction and Decoupling, I. Palunko, S. Bogdan. Fuzzy LogicBased Approach to Design Flight Control and Navigation Tasks for Autonomous UAVs, O. Kaynak, S. Kurnaz, O. Cetin. Micro-, Mini-, Small- UAVs Near-obstacle Flight with Small UAVs, J.-C. Zufferey, A. Beyeler and D. Floreano. From the Test-benches to the First Prototype of muFly Micro Coaxial Helicopter, S. Bouabdallah, C. Bermes, D. Schafroth, R. Siegwart. Modeling and Global Longitudinal Control of a Coaxial Convertible mini-UAV in Hover Mode, J. Escareño, A. Sanchez, O. Garcia, and R. Lozano. Wind-Tunnel Investigation of a Flush Air Data Sensing system with Application on a Fixed-Wing Micro-Unmanned Air Vehicle, I. Samy, I. Postlethwaite, G. Dawei, J. Green. UAS Simulation Testbeds and Frameworks Testing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Missions in a Scaled Environment, K. Sevcik, P. Y. Oh. A Framework for Simulation and Testing of UAVs in Cooperative Scenarios, A. Mancini, A. Cesetti, E. Frontoni, P. Zingaretti, S. Longhi. Role of Distributed Simulation and Middleware in Software Development for Networked UAS, A. H. Goktogan. Design and Hardware-in-the-Loop Integration of a UAV Microavionics System in a Manned-Unmanned Joint Airspace Flight Network Simulator, S. Ates, I. Bayezit, F. E. Gunduz, M. Aksugur, B. Armagan, G. Inalhan. UAS Research Platforms And Applications A Hardware Platform for Research in Helicopter UAV Control, E. Stingu and F. L. Lewis. Development of Unmanned Helicopters for Agricultural Applications, D. H. Shim, H. T. Yeo and J. S. Han. An Autonomous Helicopter Testbed: From Conceptualization to
Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) have seen unprecedented levels of growth during the last decade in both military and civilian domains. It is anticipated that civilian applications will be dominant in the future, although there are still barriers to be overcome and technical challenges to be met. Integrating UAS into, for example, civilian space, navigation, autonomy, see-detect-and-avoid systems, smart designs, system integration, vision-based navigation and training, to name but a few areas, will be of prime importance in the near future.This special volume is the outcome of research presented at the International Symposium on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, held in Orlando, Florida, USA, from June 23-25, 2008, and presents state-of-the-art findings on topics such as: UAS operations and integration into the national airspace system; UAS navigation and control; micro-, mini-, small UAVs; UAS simulation testbeds and frameworks; UAS research platforms and applications; UAS applications.
This book aims at serving as a guide tool on UAS for engineers and practitioners, academics, government agencies and industry.
Previously published in the Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems, 54 (1-3, 2009).

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