Contact Problems

The legacy of L.A. Galin
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L. A. Galin
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155, Solid Mechanics and its Applications

This new translation of a classic offers a full revision of the original text and the mathematical analysis, new material, and rewritten material from the 1980 Russian translation. It also includes original essays that bring all analysis up to date.
The original Russian books were seminal in the development of the important area of Contact Mechanics
Editor's Preface; Biographical Sketch of L.A. Galin;
Chapter 1 A Review of Research before 1953; 1.1 Introduction; 1.2 Frictionless Plane Problems; 1.3 Plane Adhesive Contact Problems; 1.4 Plane Frictional Contact Problems; 1.5 Plane Contact between Two Elastic Bodies; 1.6 Three-Dimensional Contact Problems;
Chapter 2 Plane Elasticity Theory; 2.1 The Fundamental Equations; 2.2 Stresses and Displacements in a Semi-Infinite Elastic Plane;
Chapter 3 Plane Static Isotropic Contact Problems; 3.1 Boundary Conditions for Plane Contact Problems; 3.2 The Riemann-Hilbert Problem for the Half-Plane; 3.3 Frictionless Punch Problems - Introduction; 3.4 Frictionless Punch Problems - Theory; 3.5 Examples of Frictionless Problems; 3.6 Frictional Punch Problems - Theory; 3.7 Frictional Punch Problems - Examples; 3.8 Sliding Contact with Coulomb Friction; 3.9 A Two-Punch Problem;
Chapter 4 Moving Punches, and Anisotropic Media; 4.1 Introduction; 4.2 Dynamic Plane Isotropic Elasticity Theory; 4.3 Displacement - Stress Relations; 4.4 Boundary Value Problems for a Moving Punch; 4.5 Complex Variable Formulation for a Plane Anisotropic Elastic Body; 4.6 Contact Problems for an Anisotropic Half-Plane; 4.7 Stick-Slip Contact; 4.8 Contact of Two Elastic Bodies;
Chapter 5 Contact Problems in Three Dimensions; 5.1 The Papkovich-Neuber Solution; 5.2 Solutions of Laplace's Equation in Certain Curvilinear Coordinates; 5.3 Circular Punches; 5.4 The Green's Function for the Exterior of a Circular Disc; 5.5 Axisymmetric Frictionless Contact Problems; 5.6 Axisymmetric Contact with Prescribed Contact Region; 5.7 Loading Outside a Circular Punch; 5.8 Axi-Symmetric Contact Problems with Friction; 5.9 A Punch of Elliptic Cross-Section; 5.10 Forces and Moments on an Elliptical Punch; 5.11 A Punch of Arbitrary Cross-Section; 5.12 The Pressure of a Wedge-Shaped Punch with Plane Base; 5.13 A Slender Beam on an Elastic Body; 5.14 Contact of Two Elastic Bodies; 5.15 Contact between a Rigid Punch and a Clamped Plate;
Chapter 6 Viscoelasticity, Wear and Roughness; 6.1 Introduction; 6.2 The Laplace Transform; 6.3 2-D Orthotropic Viscoelastic Bodies; 6.4 Adhesive Contact for a Viscoelastic Half-Plane; 6.5 Viscoelastic Rolling Contact; 6.6 The Limiting Case of Rolling of a Cylinder on a Viscoelastic Base; 6.7 Contact Problems in the Presence of Wear; 6.8 Axisymmetric Contact Problems in the Presence of Wear; 6.9 Plane Contact Problems for Rough Elastic Bodies; 6.10 Contact Problems for Rough Axisymmetric Elastic Bodies; References; Index;
Development of Galin's Research in Contact Mechanics by I.G. Goryacheva;
1. Two-Dimensional Sliding Contact of Elastic Bodies; 1.1 Problem Formulation; 1.2 Contact Problem for a Cylinder; 1.3 Contact Problem for a Flat Punch;
2. Contact Problem with Partial Slip for the Inclined Punch with Rounded Edges; 2.1 Problem Formulation; 2.2 Contact Pressure Analysis; 2.3 Shear Stress Analysis; 2.4 Tensile Stress Analysis; 2.5 Results and Discussions; 2.6 Conclusions; 2.7 Appendix;
3. Three-Dimensional Sliding Contact of Elastic Bodies; 3.1 The Friction Law Has the Form ;3.2 The Friction Law Has the Form;
4. Periodic Contact Problem; 4.1 One-Level Model; 4.2 Principle of Localization; 4.3 System of Indenters of Various Heights; 4.4 Stress Field Analysis;
Hertz Type Contact Problems for Power-Law Shaped Bodies, by Feodor M. Borodich;
1. Introduction; 1.1 Hertz Type Contact Problems for rigid Indenters; 1.2 Formulation of a Hertz Type Contact Problem;
2. Frictionless Axisymmetric Contact; 2.1 The Galin Solution for Frictionless Axisymmetric Contact; 2.2 The Sneddon Representation of the Galin solution; 2.3 The Galin Solution for Monomial Punches; 2.4 A Solution for Polynomial Punches;
3. Axisymmetric Contact Problems with Molecular Adhesion;
4. Adhesive (No-Slip) Axisymmetric Contact Problems;4.1 Two-Dimensional Problem for a Punch with Horizontal Base; 4.2 Axisymmetric Adhesive Contact Problems for Curved Punches; 4.3 The Mossakovskii
L.A. Galin's book on contact problems is a remarkable work. Actually there are two books: the first, published in 1953 deals with contact problems in the classical theory of elasticity; this is the one that was translated into English in 1961. The second book, published in 1980, included the first, and then had new sections on contact problems for viscoelastic materials, and rough contact problems; this section has not previously been translated into English.
In this new translation, the original text and the mathematical analysis have been completely revised, new material has been added, and the material appearing in the 1980 Russian translation has been completely rewritten.

In addition there are three essays by students of Galin, bringing the analysis up to date.

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