Perspectives on Language and Language Development

Essays in honor of Ruth A. Berman
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Dorit Ravid
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Comprehensive overview of language as a rich, multifaceted system, inspired by the lifework of Ruth A. Berman
List of contributors
The life and work of Ruth A. Berman
Ruth A. Berman s list of publications
I. Language And Discourse
1. Catégorisation, grammaticalisation et lexicalisation; Hava Bat-Zeev Shyldkrot
The Hebrew Language In Israel
2. Parsing forms with identical consonants: Hebrew reduplication; Outi Bat-El
3. Linear first-time derivation of verbs and consonant cluster preservation in Israeli Hebrew; Shmuel Bolozky
4. Modern Hebrew Consonant Clusters; Ora (Rodrigue) Schwarzwald
5. Transcribing Spoken Israeli Hebrew: Preliminary notes; Shlomo Izre el
6. From Vanity to Grace: A case study of metaphorical frame contacts; Tamar Sovran
7. Language rights in the multilingual society of Israel; Elena Shohamy
The Interrelations Of Language And Narrative
8. Grammatical gender and personification; Bernard Comrie
9. Relating narrative events in translation; Dan I. Slobin
10. Why do we need evaluation devices anyway?; Yeshayahu Shen
11. On interpreting: A tutorial; Rachel Gioba
II. A Developmental Perspective On Language And Discourse
12. Teaching and artificial life; Tzur Sayag and Sidney Strauss
Early Language Acquisition And Emergent Literacy
13. Resultant states in early language acquisition; Eve V. Clark
14. The acquisition of subordination: From preconjunctionals to later use; Sharon Armon-Lotem
15. The emergence of expressive options in early child language: A constructivist account; Edy Veneziano
16. Children s names contribute to early literacy: A linguistic and a social perspective; Iris Levin and Dorit Aram
17. What Little Red Riding Hood tells us about Italian children s writing; Daniela Fabbretti and Clotilde Pontecorvo
Narrative Development In The School Years
18. Role of the home context in relations between narrative abilities and literacy practices; Ayhan Aksu-Koç
19. I will tell you the whole true story now : Sequencing the past, present and future in children s conversational narratives; Shoshna Blum-Kulka
20. Perceiving and producing the Frog Story; Kenneth Holmqvist, Jana Holsanova, Victoria Johansson And Sven Strömqvist
21. Narratives in children with Williams Syndrome: A cross-linguistic perspective; Judy Reilly, Josie Bernicot, Stefano Vicari, Agnes Lacroix,
and Ursula Bellugi
Later Language And Literacy Development In The Context Of Expository Texts
22. Logical connectors in Hebrew: how well do eighth-graders master them?; Elite Olshtain and Etty Cohen
23. The super-structure of written expository texts - A developmental perspective; Irit Katzenberger
24. Emergence of linguistic complexity in later language development: Evidence from expository text construction; Dorit Ravid
25. Developing alternatives for indicating discourse stance; Harriet Jisa
26. Becoming proficient educated users of language; Liliana Tolchinsky, Elisa Rosado, Melina Aparici and Joan Perera
2nd Language Acquisition And Bilingualism
27. Task-related variation in tense usage in Arabic-Hebrew interlanguage; Roni Henkin
28. Acquisition, attrition, and revitalization of Hebrew in immigrant children; Dorit Kaufman
29. Word class distinctions in an incomplete grammar; Maria Polinsky
Contexts Of Literacy
30. Literacy development across language boundaries; Ludo Verhoeven
31. Perceptions and evidence of early literacy in Hebrew; Joseph Shimron
Perspectives on Language and Language Development brings together new perspectives on language, discourse and language development in 31 chapters by leading scholars from several countries with diverging backgrounds and disciplines. It is a comprehensive overview of language as a rich, multifaceted system, inspired by the lifework of Ruth A. Berman. Edited by Dorit Ravid and Hava Bat-Zeev Shyldkrot, both from Tel Aviv University, Israel, the book offers state-of-the-art portrayals of linguistic and psycholinguistic phenomena with new insights on the interrelations of language structure, discourse theory, and the development of language and literacy. The volume presents innovative investigations on the interface of language and narrative in a broad range of languages, with a section devoted to linguistic studies of Modern Hebrew. It traces the development of language and literacy from early childhood through adolescence to maturity in spoken and written contexts, and in monolingual as well as multilingual perspectives. Linguists, psycholinguists, discourse scholars, cognitive psychologists, language teachers, education experts, and clinicians working in the field of language and discourse will find this book extremely useful both as a textbook and as a source of information.

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