Enhancing Procurement Practices

Comprehensive Approach to Acquiring Complex Facilities and Projects
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Attila Kovács
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Structural Approach and Targeted Fields of Procurement.- Terminology.- Focal Points of Procurement.- Procurement Environment.- Procurement Management Techniques.- Integrated Procurement Management.- Projects in the Context of Procurement.- Project Procurement Related Management Techniques.- Procurement in the Context Of Project Management.- Project Management Organisations.- Definition and Characteristics of Procurement Systems.- Public and Private procurement Systems.- Basic Procurement Systems.- Types of Contract.- Sourcing Patterns.- Types of Procurement Procedures.- Formation of the Drafting Organisation.- Structure of the Solicitation and Contract Documents.- General Drafting Principles.- Preparation for the Evaluation.- Preparation of the Prime Specifications.- Preparation of the Conditions of Contract.- Preparation of Realisation-Related Documents.- Preparation of the Instructions to Offerors.- Typical Time Schedule of Procurement Procedures.- Conduct of Prequalification.- From Publication to Evaluation.- Evaluation and Clarification of Offers.- Contract Negotiations.- Closing of the Procurement Procedure.- Procurement and the E-Volution.- E-Commerce Site Categories.- Relevance and Future of E-Procurement.- IX - Appendices.- Appendix A - Terms Used by International Organisations for Procurement Procedures.- Appendix B - Terms Used by International Organisations for Entities.- Appendix C - Terms Used by International Organisations for Documents.- Appendix D - Functional Analysis System Technique (Fast).- Appendix E - Procedural Timeframes Set by International Organisations.- Appendix F - Sample List of Attachments of Tender-,Bidding- And Contract Documents.- Appendix G - Sample Structure of Complex Contracts.- Appendix H - Sample Terms and Definitions of an IT Contract.- Appendix I - Sample Marking and Documentary Requirements of Delivery.- Appendix J - Sample Training and Consultancy Requirements.- Appendix K - Sample Documentation Requirements.- Appendix L - Sample Prerequisites of System Acceptance Procedures.- Appendix M - Sample List of Implementation-Related Documents.- Appendix N - Sample Project Management Organisation of the Client.- X - References and Further Readings.- Primary Procurement-Related Documents Considered.- Other Procurement-Related Documents.- Primary Project Management Related Document.- Suggested Further Readings.- Xi - Glossary and Index.
Enhancing Procurement Practices is organised around four main points: -overview and analysis of procurement principles, -practical approach to drafting of solicitation and contract documents, -conduct of procurement procedures, -overview of the e-procurement arena.Although the addressed procurement methods can be used on a wide scale, this book concentrates primarily on such cases when the subject of procurement is complex, or the solicited goods and services are relatively simple but the intended long-term relationship calls for a fairly conscious source selection. Project procurement, the most complicated form of buying civil engineering work, goods, and services, is thoroughly addressed.Beyond the structured overview and comparative analysis of terminology and principles, the book describes such new concepts as single-source preference for simultaneous procurements, dual-term frame contract for parallel suppliers, and the use of semi-consolidated contract documents. Effective utilisation of theories boils down - among others - to a consistent set of procurement-related terms, proven methodology for drafting comprehensive solicitation documents and contracts, and practical details of communication with offerors.

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