High Data Rate Transmitter Circuits

RF CMOS Design and Techniques for Design Automation
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C. J. De Ranter
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244x161x22 mm

List of Figures. List of Tables. 1: Introduction. 1.1. Some Observations. 1.2. To CMOS or Not to CMOS. 1.3. Covered Topics.
2: RF Modeling, Quadrature Generation and Flip-Chip Bonding. 2.1. Introduction. 2.2. Influence of Substrate Resistivity on RF-designs. 2.3. RF-Modeling. 2.4. Quadrature LO Generation. 2.5. Manufacturing. 2.6. Conclusions and Use of Presented Topics.
3: Automated VCO Synthesis. 3.1. Introduction. 3.2. Structured Analog Design Methodology. 3.3. Automation in Functional-Block Design. 3.4. The CYCLONE Tool. 3.5. Final Conclusion.
4: Voltage-Controlled Oscillators for High Data Rate Applications. 4.1. Oscillators for Broadband Systems. 4.2. Oscillators for RF Frequencies. 4.3. Conclusions.
5: Design of an Upconverter for High-Speed Data Transmission. 5.1. Introduction: Market Perspective. 5.2. High-Speed Data Link Systems. 5.3. High-Level Design Considerations. 5.4. CMOS Implementation of a High-Bandwidth Upconvertor. 5.5. Final Conclusion.
6: Conclusions. 6.1. Realized Work. 6.2. Possibilities for Future Research. References.
This practical guide and introduction to the design of key RF building blocks used in high data rate transmitters emphasizes CMOS circuit techniques applicable to oscillators and upconvertors. The book is written in an easily accessible manner, without losing detail on the technical side.

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