Certification and Security in E-Services

From E-Government to E-Business
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Enrico Nardelli
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Preface. Part I: International Workshop on Certification and Security in E-Services (CSES 2002).
Workshop Organization. Introduction; M. Talamo. Invited Speakers. A Network Management Viewpoint on Security in e-Services; R. Boutaba, B. Ishibashi, B. Shihada. Security and Certification Issues in Grid Computing; I. Foster, F. Siebenlist, S. Tuecke, V. Welch. Performance Considerations in Web Security; A. Iyengar, R. Mraz, M.E. Zurko. Protecting Applications Against Malice Using AdaptiveMiddleware; R.E. Schantz, F. Webber, P. Pal, J. Loyall, D.C. Schmidt. Contributed Full Papers. A Context-Aware Approach to Infer Trust in Public Key Infrastructures; F. Di Vito, P. Inverardi, G. Melideo. Mountain Information System: A Distributed E-Government Office; G. Marinelli, P. Russo. E-Government Services: Certification and Security Overlay; F. Arcieri, R. Giaccio. A Multi-Expert Based Approach to Continuous Authentication of Mobile-Device Users; O. Mazhelis, A. Seleznyov, S. Puuronen. Encrypted Database Integrity in Database Service Provider Model; H. Hacigümüs, B. Iyer, S. Mehrotra. Contributed Short Papers. Deploying Multi-tier Applications Across Multiple Security Domains; I. Balabine, A. Koschel. Security Through Integration: Towards a Comprehensive Framework for Development and Certification; B. Marquet, A. Rossi, F.J.N. Cosquer. Multiple Applications with a Single Smart Card; D.T. Shaw, S. P. Maj.
Part II: Workshop on E-Government and Security.
Workshop Organization. Invited Speakers. Respecting Privacy in E-Government; J. Stoddart. The Status of Privacy Enhancing Technologies; J. Borking. Initiatives in the Fight Against Cyber Terrorism; K. Tolan. Identification and Confidentiality for e-Government; R. Posch,H. Leitold. Mastering E-Commerce and Globalization; E. Dubreuil.
This volume contains the final proceedings of the special stream on security in E-government and E-business. This stream has been an integral part of the IFIP World Computer Congress 2002, that has taken place from 26-29 August 2002 in Montreal, Canada. The stream consisted of three events: one tutorial and two workshops. The tutorial was devoted to the theme "An Architecture for Information Se curity Management", and was presented by Prof. Dr. Basie von Solms (Past chairman of IFIP TC 11) and Prof. Dr. Jan Eloff (Past chairman of IFIP TC 11 WG 11.2). Both are from Rand Afrikaans University -Standard Bank Academy for Information Technology, Johannesburg, South Africa. The main purpose of the tutorial was to present and discuss an Architecture for Informa tion Security Management and was specifically of value for people involved in, or who wanted to find out more about the management of information secu rity in a company. It provided a reference framework covering all three of the relevant levels or dimensions of Information Security Management. The theme of the first workshop was "E-Government and Security" and was chaired by Leon Strous, CISA (De Nederlandsche Bank NY, The Netherlands and chairman of IFIP TC 11) and by Sabina Posadziejewski, I.S.P., MBA (Al berta Innovation and Science, Edmonton, Canada).

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