Virtual Corporate Universities

A Matrix of Knowledge and Learning for the New Digital Dawn
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Walter R. J. Baets
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Contributors. Preface. Acknowledgements.
1. Economic Environment and Drivers of Change.
2. The Corporate Environment.
3. The Business Education Environment.
4. Information and Knowledge Technologies for Virtual Education.
5. The Concept of the Hybrid Business School.
6. Illustrations and Examples of Hybrid Business Schools.
7. The Learning Mindset Scan: a Methodology for Developing Corporate Learning Ventures.
Appendix: Current Research into ICT Supported Learner-Centered Learning Approaches.
Over the past years, business schools have been experimenting with distance learning and online education. In many cases this new technology has not brought the anticipated results. Questions raised by online education can be linked to the fundamental problem of education and teaching, and more specifically to the models and philosophy of education and teaching. Virtual Corporate Universities: A Matrix of Knowledge and Learning for the New Digital Dawn offers a source for new thoughts about those processes in view of the use of new technologies. Learning is considered as a key-strategic tool for new strategies, innovation, and significantly improving organizational effectiveness. The book blends the elements of knowledge management, as well as organizational and individual learning. The book is not just a treatment of technology, but a fusion of a novel dynamic learner (student)-driven learning concept, the management and creation of dynamic knowledge, and next-generation technologies to generic business, organizational and managerial processes, and the development of human capital. Obviously, the implications of online learning go far beyond the field of business as presented in this book.

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