Microwave Photonics

From Components to Applications and Systems
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Anne Vilcot
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Preface. Acknowledgements. General introduction.1: Microwave photonics components. 1. Introduction. 2. Fast lasers sources. 2.1. Fast lasers sources; F. Deborgies. 2.2. Tunable/selectable sources; F. Brillouet. 2.3. Transverse mode, patterns and polarization behavior in VCSELs; J.G. McInerney. 2.4. Mode locked microchip lasers for the generation of low noise millimeter wave carriers; P.R. Herczfeld. 3. Semiconductors optical amplifiers; J.C. Simon. 4. Fast Modulators. 4.1. Fast modulators; M. Varasi. 4.2. Electroabsorption modulators and photo-oscillators for conversion of optics to millimeterwaves; C. Minot. 5. High speed photodetection. 5.1. Microwave optical interaction devices; D. Jager. 5.2. The GaAs MESFET as an optical detector; A. Madjar, et al. 5.3. HBT phototransistors as an optic/millimetre-wave converter. Part I: The device 100; C. Gonzalez. 5.4. HBT phototransistor as an optical millimeter wave converter. Part II: Simulation; C. Rumelhard, et al. 6. References.
2: Electronics for optics: integrated circuits. 1. Introduction. 2. Electronics for optics: introduction to MMICs; I. Darwazeh. 3. High speed ICs for optoelectronic modules; R. Lefevre. 4. High efficiency optical transmitter and receiver modules using integrated MMIC impedance matching and low noise 50.0 amplifier; M. Schaller, et al. 5. References.
3: Modeling methods for optoelectronics. 1. Introduction. 2. Foundations for integrated optics modeling; I. Montrosset, G. Perrone. 3. Tools for microwave-optic co-simulation; D. Breuer, et al. 4. The TLM method - Application to the microwaves and optics; F. Ndagijimana, et al. 5. References.
4 : Microwave - photonics systems. 1. Introduction. 2. Microwave optical links. 2.1. Analog optical links: models, measures and limits of performances; C.H. Cox, III. 2.2. Optoelectronic and optical devices for applications to microwave systems; P. Richin, D. Mongardien. 3. Telecommunication systems. 3.1. Microwave and millimeter-wave photonics for telecommunications; D. Wake. 3.2. Fibre supported MM-wave systems; P. Lane. 3.3. Optics and microwaves in telecommunications networks, today and in the future; M. Joindot. 4. Wireless systems; J.F. Cadiou, et al. 4.2. Broadband access networks: the opportunities of wireless; G. Kalbe. 5. Antenna - Beam fonning. 5.1. Planar antenna technology for microwave-optical interactions; Y. Qian, et al. 5.2. Antenna applications of RF photonics; J.J. Lee. 5.3. Microwave/photonic feed networks for phased array antenna systems; R.A. Sparks. 5.4. Photonics and phased array antennas; J. Chazelas, D. Dolfi. 6. Phase noise degradation in nonlinear fiber optic links distribution networks for communication satellites; A.S. Daryoush. 7. References.
5: All optical processing of microwave functions. 1. Introduction. 2. Photonic base microwave functions. 2.1. Microwave
This cross-disciplinary title features contributions by key-note specialists from Europe, Israel and the United States. It deals with the rapidly growing area of microwave photonics, and includes an extended study of the interactions between optical signals and microwave and millimetre-wave electrical signals for broadband applications.

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