The Changing Governance of the Sciences

The Advent of Research Evaluation Systems
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Richard Whitley
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26, Sociology of the Sciences Yearbook

Systematic approach to the analysis of national systems of ex post research evaluation
Preface Introduction Changing Governance of the Public Sciences: The consequences of establishing diverse research evaluation systems - Richard Whitley Universities as Strategic Actors: State delegation and changing patterns of evaluation The Visible Hand versus the Invisible Hand: The Allocation of Research Resources in Swedish Universities - Lars Engwall and Thorsten Nybom Prospective and Retrospective Evaluation Systems in Context: Insights from Japan - Robert Kneller Elite through Rankings - The Emergence of the Enterprising University - Peter Weingart and Sabine Maasen The Social Construction of Bibliometric Evaluations - Jochen Gläser and Grit Laudel Weak and Strong Research Evaluation Systems Evaluation without evaluators: The impact of funding formulae on Australian university research - Jochen Gläser and Grit Laudel The Basic State of Research in Germany: Conditions of Knowledge Production Pre-Evaluation - Stefan Lange Research Evaluation as Organisational Development - the Work of the Academic Advisory Council in Lower Saxony- Christof Schiene and Uwe Schimank Interfering Governance and Emerging Centres of Control: University research evaluation in the Netherlands - Barend van der Meulen Research Evaluation in Transition: Individual versus organisational assessment in Spain - Laura Cruz-Castro and Luis Sanz-Menendez Death by Peer Review? The impact of results-oriented management in U.S. research - Susan Cozzens Concluding Reflections The Social Orders of Research Evaluation Systems - Jochen Gläser Author Index List of Authors & Affiliations
The establishment of national systems of retrospective research evaluations is one of the most significant of recent changes in the governance of science. This volume discusses the birth and development of research evaluation systems as well as the reasons for their absence in the United States. The book combines the latest research and an overview of trends in the changing governance of research. The focus is on institutionalisation processes and impacts on knowledge production.

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