Parsing the Turing Test

Philosophical and Methodological Issues in the Quest for the Thinking Computer
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Robert Epstein
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Here is a landmark exploration of both the philosophical and methodological issues surrounding the search for true artificial intelligence. This book features contributions from distinguished psychologists, computer scientists, philosophers, and programmers.
Most comprehensive analysis of The Turing Test - the ultimate benchmark of true artificial intelligence ever published
Acknowledgements.- Foreword by Daniel Dennett.- Introduction.- About the Editors.- Part I. Setting the Stage. The Quest for the Thinking Computer. Alan Turing and the Turing Test. Computing Machinery and Intelligence. Commentary on Turing's 'Computing Machinery and Intelligence'.- Part II. The Ongoing Philosophical Debate. The Turing Test: Mapping and Navigating the Debate. If I Were Judge. Turing on the 'Imitation Game'. On the Nature of Intelligence: Turing, Church, Von Neumann, And the Brain. Turing's Test: A Philosophical and Historical Guide. The Turing Test: 55 Years Later. Doing Justice to the Imitation Game: A Farewell to Formalism.- Part III. The New Methodological Debates. How to Hold a Turing Test Contest. The Anatomy of A.L.I.C.E. The Social Embedding of Intelligence: Towards Producing a Machine That Could Pass the Turing Test. How My Program Passed the Turing Test. Building a Machine Smart Enough to Pass the Turing Test: Could We, Should We, Will We?. Mind as Space: Toward The Automatic Discovery of a Universal Human Semantic-Affective Hyperspace - A Possible Subcognitive Foundation of a Computer Program Able to Pass the Turing Test. Can People Think? Or Machines? A Unified Protocol for Turing Testing. The Turing Hub as a Standard for Turing Test Interfaces. Conversation Simulation and Sensible Surprises. A Computational Behaviorist Takes Turing's Test. Bringing AI to Life: Putting Today's Tools and Resources to Work. Laplace, Turing and the 'Imitation Game' Impossible Geometry: Randomness, Determinism and Programs in Turing's Test. Going Under Cover: Passing as Human; Artificial Interest: A Step on the Road to AI. How Not to Imitate a Human Being: An Essay on Passing the Turing Test. Who Fools Whom? The Great Mystification, or Methodological Issues on Making Fools of Human Beings.- Part IV. Afterthoughts on Thinking Machines. A Wager on the Turing Test. The Gnirut Test. The Artilect Debate: Why Build Super-Human Machines, andWhy Not?. Name Index
An exhaustive work that represents a landmark exploration of both the philosophical and methodological issues surrounding the search for true artificial intelligence. Distinguished psychologists, computer scientists, philosophers, and programmers from around the world debate weighty issues such as whether a self-conscious computer would create an internet 'world mind'. This hugely important volume explores nothing less than the future of the human race itself.

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