Photosynthesis. Energy from the Sun. 2 vols.

14th International Congress on Photosynthesis Research 2007
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John F. Allen
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A record of the state-of-the art in all aspects of research in photosynthesis
Bioenergy and Photosynthesis.- Reaction Centers.- Structure and Function of Light Harvesting Complexes.- Oxygen Evolution.- Electron Transport Operation, Organisation and Regulation.- Assembly and Repair of Pigment Protein Complexes.- Membrane Dynamics and Organisation.- Co2 Diffusion, Gas Exchange and the Role of Stomata.- CO2-Concentrating Mechanisms.- Cam and C4.- The C3 Cycle. Limitation and Regulation.- Starch and Sucrose.- Interactions Between Electron Transport and Stromal Reactions.- Metabolic Integration.- Regulation of Light Harvesting.- Metabolite Transport and Intracellular Interactions.- Biogenesis of Photosynthetic Apparatus.- Regulation of Light Harvesting.- Organelle Communication.- Photosynthesis a Fundamental Tool for Modern Agriculture and Forestry.- Artificial Photosynthesis.- Perception of the Environment and Signalling.- Global Climate Change.- Photosynthetic Mechanisms Under Stress Regulation and Improvement.- Photosynthesis Education.
The Proceedings of the 14 th International Congress on Photosynthesis is a record of the most recent advances and emerging themes in the discipline. This volume contains over 350 contributions from some 800 participants attending the meeting in Glasgow, UK in July 2007. These range from summary overview presentations from plenary speakers to expanded content of posters presented by students and their supervisors featuring the most recent achievements in photosynthesis research. In the words of Professor Eva-Mari Aro, President of the international Society of Photosynthesis Research 2004-7, "Having been taken for granted for centuries, research in photosynthesis has now become a matter of utmost importance for the future of planet Earth...Major initiatives are underway that will use research into natural and artificial photosynthesis for sustainable energy production....". These volumes thus provide a glimpse of the future, from the molecule to the biosphere

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