Oxidation: The Cornerstone of Carcinogenesis

Oxidation and Tobacco Smoke Carcinogenesis. A Relationship Between Cause and Effect
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John C. Stavridis
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The subject matter is comprehensive and complete
Chapter 1: Oxygen and Nitrogen free radicalsChapter 2: Oxidative stress
Chapter 3: Oxidative damage of genome DNA: repair mechanisms
Chapter 4: Mitochondria: structure, function and relationship with carcinogenesis
Chapter 5: Oxidative activation of transcription factor pathways by cigarette smoke oxidants
Chapter 6: Cell protection mechanisms from oxidation
Chapter 7: Role of DNA adducts in carcinogenesis
Chapter 8: Transmolecular reactions of genetic toxicity: alkylation and methylation of DNA
Chapter 9: Toxicity and carcinogenicity of hydrocarbons
Chapter 10: Toxicity and carcinogenicity of the aromatic hydrocarbons
Chapter 11: Toxicity and carcinogenicity of aldehydes
Chapter 12: Toxicity and carcinogenicity of the nitriles
Chapter 13: Toxicity and carcinogenicity of the eterocyclic organic compounds
Chapter 14: Toxicity and carcinogenicity of metals
Chapter 15:Oxidative profile of cigarette smoke and lung cancer
Chapter 16: Smoking and lung cancer
This book is unique due to its collective approach to the key aspects of the interdependency between three entities: oxidative stress, tobacco smoke and carcinogenesis, operating in a cause-effect sequence, in a concise and to the point manner. This book will prove to be a helpful companion to the internist, the oncologist and the research scientist in molecular biology as well as a work of reference for the general practitioner and physician interested in cancer research.

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