NMR in Biological Systems

From Molecules to Human
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K. V. R. Chary
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Covers entire area of NMR in Biological Sciences (Biomolecules, cells and tissues, animals, plants and drug design)
Basic Concepts In NMR Spectroscopy.- To Biological NMR.- Multi-Dimensional NMR.- Biomolecular Structures Using NMR: General Principles.- Protein NMR: General Principles and Resonance Assignments.- Structure, Dynamics and Function of Proteins.- Structure And Dynamics Of Nucleic Acids.- Carbohydrates, Lipids And Lipid Assemblies.- High-Resolution Solid-State NMR.- Biomolecular Interactions And Supramolecular Assemblies.- Magnetic Resonance Imaging.- Study Of Metabolism: Cells and Tissues.- MRS Studies Of Metabolism In Animals and Humans.- Structure and Metabolism of Plants.
During teaching NMR to students and researchers, we felt the need for a text-book which can cover modern trends in the application of NMR to biological systems. This book caters to the needs of: (i) graduate students who mostly learn such techniques from senior post-docs in the laboratory; (ii) those who are not experts in NMR but wish to understand if a particular problem in animal, plant, medical and pharmaceutical sciences can be answered by NMR; and (iii) those who are experts in chemistry and biochemistry and wish to know how NMR can provide them information on structural or functional aspect of proteins, nucleic acids, cells and tissues, human and plant organs and other biological materials. This book builds a means of knowledge transfer between the beginners and the experts in NMR as applied to all aspects of life sciences.

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