Isotopes in the Water Cycle

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Pradeep K. Aggarwal
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An up-to-date synthesis of environmental isotope techniques in the hydrological cycle and related environmental studies including past and present climate change and water resources assessment and management
1. Isotope Hydrology: A Historical Perspective From The IAEA; P.K. Aggarwal, K. Froehlich, R. Gonfiantini, J.R. Gat Isotopic and Nuclear Methodologies2. Isotopic Tracers For Obtaining Hydrologic Parameters; H. Moser, W. Rauert
3. Hydrologic Process Studies Using Radionuclides Produced By Cosmic Rays; D. Lal
4. Stable Oxygen And Hydrogen Isotopes; L.L. Gourcy, M. Groening, P.K. Aggarwal
5. Tritium In The Hydrologic Cycle; R.L. Michel
6. Assessing Sources And Transformations Of Sulphate And Nitrate In The Hydrosphere Using Isotope Techniques; B. Mayer
7. Rare Gases; H.H. Loosli, R. Purtschert
8. U and Th Series Nuclides In Natural Waters; A. Kaufman
9. Optical Isotope Ratio Measurements In Hydrology; E.R.Th. Kerstel, H.A.J. Meijer Hydrologic Processes and Systems
10. Some Classical Concepts Of Isotope Hydrology; J.R. Gat
11. Isotopes In Lake Studies: A Historical Perspective; K. Froehlich, R. Gonfiantini, K. Rozanski
12. A Review Of Isotope Applications In Catchment Hydrology; T. Vitvar, P.K. Aggarwal, J.J. McDonnell
13. Contribution Of Isotopic And Nuclear Tracers To Study Of Groundwaters; W.M. Edmunds
14. Dating Of Young Groundwater; L.N. Plummer
15. Dating Of Old Groundwater âEUR" History, Potential, Limits And Future; M.A. Geyh
16. Geothermal Systems; Y.K. Kharaka, R.H. Mariner
17. Saline Waters; J. Horita Hydroclimatic Processes and Systems
18. Isotopes In Atmospheric Moisture; K. Rozanski
19. How Much Climatic Information Do Water Isotopes Contain? G. Hoffmann, M. Cuntz, J. Jouzel, M. Werner
20. Stable Isotopes Through The Holocene As Recorded In Low-Latitude, High-Altitude Ice Cores; L.G. Thompson, M.E. Davis
21. Groundwater As An Archive OfClimatic And Environmental Change; W.M. Edmunds
22. Isotopic Palaeolimnology; F. Gasse Appendices:
A. List Of Seminal Papers On Isotope Hydrology (The Isotopes Of Hydrogen And Oxygen)
B. List Of Papers Presented At The 1st IAEA Symposium On Isotope Hydrology (Tokyo, 1963)
C. Excerpts From Report Of 1st IAEA Panel On The Application Of Isotope Techniques In Hydrology
Environmental isotope and nuclear techniques provide unmatched insights into the processes governing the water cycle and its variability. This monograph presents state of the art applications and new developments of isotopes in hydrology, environmental disciplines and climate change studies. Coverage ranges from the assessment of groundwater resources in terms of recharge and flow regime to studies of the past and present global environmental and climate changes.

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