Biotechnology and Sustainable Agriculture 2006 and Beyond

Proceedings of the 11th IAPTC&B Congress, August 13-18, 2006. Beijing, China
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Zhihong Xu
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Provides an excellent summary of the latest advances in plant sciences
Plenary Lectures.- Plant Biotechnology and Crop Improvement in China.- Facing the Future with Pharmaceuticals from Plants.- Embryogenesis In Vitro.- Multigene Strategies for Engineering the Phytoremediation of Mercury and Arsenic.- Molecular Control of S-RNase-based Self-Incompatibility.- The Use of Sexual Model Systems to Identify Elements of Apomixis.- Agricultural Biotechnology in China: Past, Present and Future.- Current Advances in Plant Tissue Culture Techniques.- Regulation of Plant Morphogenesis In Vitro: Role of Ethylene and Polyamines.- Lingfasu and Its Use on Plant Tissue Culture In Vitro.- PPV-Specific Hairpin RNAs is an Effective Method for Plum Pox Potyvirus Resistance.- An Efficient Novel Method of Producing Virus Free Plants from Garlic Root Meristem.- Site-Directed Homologous Recombination in Tobacco Cell Cultures via Zinc Finger Nucleases.- Generation of Genetically Modified Strawberries in Temporary Immersion Bioreactor System.- Current Advances in Plant Molecular Biology.- The Positioning of the Division Plane Is Determined by a Cortical Division Site at the Plasma Membrane.- Repression of Plant Gene Expression via Chromosomal Remodelling Using Histone Deacetylases.- Functional Genomics.- DNA-METHYLTRANSFERASE 1 is a Member of FIS Polycomb Complex and is Involved in Seed Development in Arabidopsis.- Integrating Transcriptional and Metabolic Profiling to Unravel Secondary Metabolite Biosynthesis in Plants.- Plant Transformation Technology.- Application of Two New Selectable Marker Genes dsdA and dao1 in Maize Transformation.- Efficient Agrobacterium-Mediated Transformation of Various Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) Genotypes.- In vitro System as the Model for Discovery in Molecular Biology.- Use of Alfalfa In Vitro Cultures in Studies on Regulation of Cyclin-Dependent Kinase (CDK) Functions.- Phytohormone Regulation of Cotton Fiber Development In Vitro.- Patterns of Growth and Cell Death in Diploid Arabidopsis Cell Cultures with Synchronised Cell Cycle.- Molecular Control of Abiotic Resistance.- Engineering of Reactive Species Detoxification Pathways for Increasing Stress Tolerance in Plants.- Orchid Flower Fragrance Biosynthesis Pathway and Its Key Enzyme Geranyl Diphosphate Synthase.- Cytokinin Function in Drought Stress Response and Subsequent Recovery.- Xenogenomics: Bioprospecting for Genetic Determinants of Cold and Freezing Stress Tolerance in the Cryophilic Antarctic Hair Grass Deschampsia antarctica E. Desv.- Plant Insect Interaction.- Biotechnological Control of Plant Parasitic Nematodes.- Molecular Basis of Colorado Potato Beetle Adaptation to Potato Defence Mechanisms.- Molecular Mechanisms on Plant-Microbe Interactions.- An Arabidopsis Nudix Hydrolase Modulates the Innate Immune Response Independent of NPR1 and Salicylate.- RNA-Mediated Resistance to Cassava Geminiviruses in Transgenic Cassava.- The Molecular Basis of Cold-Induced Pollen Sterility in Rice.- Regulation of the Rice NADPH Oxidase by Binding of Small GTPase Rac and Ca2+ to Its N-terminal Extension.- Post-Transcriptional Gene Silencing of the p23 Silencing Suppressor of Citrus tristeza Virus Confers Resistance to the Virus in Transgenic Mexican Lime.- Phloem Feeding Regulates the Plant Defense Pathways Responding to Both Aphid Infestation and Pathogen Infection.- Metabolic Engineering.- Towards Metabolic Engineering of Carotenoid Content in Sweet-orange (Citrus sinensis (L.) Osb.).- Engineering New Crops for Safe Castor Oil Production.- Biochemical and Structural Bases for (Iso)flavonoid Biosynthetic Diversity.- Utilization of Plant Metabolic Engineering for Production of Pharmaceuticals in Tea.- Improving Nutritional Quality of Crops.- Success Towards Alleviating Peanut Allergy: The Major Allergen Ara h 2 is Silenced via RNA Interfere (RNAi).- Transgenic Poplar for Phytoremediation.- The Africa Biofortified Sorghum Project- Applying Biotechnology to Develop Nutritionally Improved Sorghum for Africa.- Genetic Engineering of Strawberr
This timely work is a collection of papers presented at the XIth international congress of the International Association of Plant Tissue Culture & Biotechnology. It continues the tradition of the IAPTC&B in publishing the proceedings of its congresses. The work is an up-to-date report on the most significant advances in plant tissue culture and biotechnology as presented by leading international scientists. It will be crucial reading for agricultural scientists, among others.

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