Moon Orbital Views (Wall Calendar 2019 DIN A3 Landscape)

Orbital views of the moon and its craters (Birthday calendar, 14 pages )
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Linda Schilling
540 g
297x420x1 mm
Kalender, CALVENDO Science

The moon as a celestial object plays an important role in mythology and religion of many cultures, and is a popular subject of science fiction literature. For ages, scientists and sci-fi fans have been dreaming of travelling to the moon and discussing a possible future colonisation of the moon. The 12 photo-realistic landscapes in this calendar are digitally generated, based on photographs of the lunar surface. Some of the lunar craters are surrounded by distinctive ray systems forming long spokes, probably caused by the impact of heat of meteorites. Discover the fascinating and interesting structures of the lunar craters, the mysterious atmosphere, and the views of the earth!
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Ce calendrier réussi a été réédité cette année avec les mêmes images et le calendrier mis à jour.

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