Exploratory Practice in English Language Teaching

Puzzling about Principles and Practices
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Judith Hanks
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Research and Practice in Applied Linguistics

Draws on case studies, vignettes and narratives from teachers and learners around the world as they experience Exploratory Practice for the first time
Chapter 1: General Introduction.- PART I.- Chapter 2: Introduction to Part One - The Historical and Conceptual Background to Researching Practice.- Chapter 3: From Research to Practitioner Research: Setting Exploratory Practice in Context.- Chapter 4: Perspectives on the 'Family' of Practitioner Research.- Chapter 5: The Evolution of the Exploratory Practice Framework.- Chapter 6: Puzzles, Puzzling and Puzzlement.- PART II.- Chapter 7: Introduction to Part Two: Developing Understanding from Practice.- Chapter 8: Understanding from Practice: Integrating Research and Pedagogy.- Chapter 9: Understanding from Practice: Collegial Working.- Chapter 10: Understanding from Practice: Continuing Personal and Professional Development.- PART III.- Chapter 11: Introduction to Part Three: Understanding for Practice.- Chapter 12: Understanding for Practice: Puzzles, Puzzling and Trust.- Chapter 13: Understanding for Practice: PEPAs, Culture and Identity .- Chapter 14: Conclusions.- PART IV: Resources.
This book tracks the development of Exploratory Practice since the early 1990s as an original form of practitioner research in the field of English language teaching. Drawing on case studies, vignettes and narratives from teachers and learners around the world as they experienced Exploratory Practice in their different contexts, Hanks examines the theoretical and philosophical underpinnings of the Exploratory Practice framework and asks what the principles really mean in practice. For language professionals considering investigating their classrooms and their teaching/learning practices rigorously and thoughtfully, this book breaks new ground, arguing for a fresh perspective: (exploratory) practice-as-research. Judith Hanks is Lecturer in TESOL at the University of Leeds, UK. Her work bridges specialist areas in language teacher education, intercultural communication, TESOL and EAP.

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