The Palgrave Handbook of Contemporary International Political Economy

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Timothy M. Shaw
Palgrave Handbooks in IPE
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Published 35 years after Palgrave Macmillan’s landmark International Political Economy (IPE) series was first founded, this Handbook captures the state of the art of contemporary IPE. It draws on the series’ history of focusing on the oft-neglected study of the global South.Providing interdisciplinary perspectives from scholars hailing from the global North and South, the Handbook illustrates the theoretical innovations and empirical richness necessary to explain today’s ever-changing world. This is a world in which the global South and North are not only being transformed by the end of bipolarity and the rise of the BRICS, but also by diverse global crises and growing cross-border challenges. It is a world where human development, governance and security are becoming ever more elusive, where, profoundly altered by the rise of new technologies, the structure of relations between nations itself is changing, becoming increasingly interconnected, both digitally and physically.Understanding these issues is of critical importance to better anticipate current and future global transformations. This Handbook is the ideal primer for all scholars, practitioners and policy makers looking to do so.
Chapter 1: Continuities and Change in IPE at the Start of the 21st century.- Part I: Contemporary IPE theory.- Chapter 2: Financial Statecraft.- Chapter 3: Global Market Power.- Chapter 4: Political Economy and International Economic Law.- Chapter 5: Varieties of Global Governance.- Chapter 6: Regionalism - In Crisis?.- Chapter 7: Domestic Politics and the Societal Approach.- Chapter 8: Neoliberalism.- Chapter 9: Comparative Capitalism.- Part II: Global Reordering.- Chapter 10: Small and Least Developed Countries.- Chapter 11: Global Middle Class.- Chapter 12: International Migrations, Diasporas, and Remittances.- Chapter 13: Middle Powers in the International Political Economy.- Chapter 14: Conceptualising Emerging Powers.- Chapter 15: Emerging Economies, Emerging Horizons.- Chapter 16: China and Global Resources.- Part III: Global Crises.- Chapter 17: The IPE of International Currency Leadership.- Chapter 18: Implications of Brexit.- Chapter 19: The IPE of Financial Derivatives Beyond Crisis.- Chapter 20: 'Fintech' and Financial Inclusion.- Chapter 21: Risk.- Chapter 22: Tax Avoidance.- Chapter 23: The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.- Chapter 24: Advancing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.- Chapter 25: The Role of Agriculture for Food Security and Poverty Reduction in Sub-Saharan Africa.- Part IV.- Emerging Issues in Contemporary IPE.- Chapter 26: What Is globalisation?.- Chapter 27: Sovereign Wealth Funds and International Political Economy.- Chapter 28: Competition Law & Policy as an Emerging IPE Issue.- Chapter 29: The IPE of Mano Dura versus Crime Prevention.- Chapter 30: Combatting Piracy in the Horn of Africa Waters.- Chapter 31: A Political Economy of Water.- Chapter 32: Sustainability.- Chapter 33: Natural Resources.- Chapter 34: Carbon Capitalism and World Order.- Chapter 35: Commodities.- Chapter 36: The Political Economy of Border Regimes.- Chapter 37: Internet Gambling and International Political Economy.- Chapter 38: Digital Technological Innovation and the International Political Economy.- Chapter 39: Gender.- Chapter 40: Sport and Contemporary IPE.- Chapter 41: The International Political Economy of Health.
Understanding these issues is of critical importance to better anticipate current and future global transformations. This Handbook is the ideal primer for all scholars, practitioners and policy makers looking to do so.

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