Feminist Theories and Concepts in Healthcare

An Introduction for Qualitative Research
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Kay Aranda
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Links feminist theories and concepts to hot topics in current healthcare practiceNo main competitor identified making this a much needed text
Global appeal confirmed by international team of reviewers
PART ONE.- Chapter One: Contemporary Contexts of Feminism and Healthcare.- Chapter Two: Modern Feminist Theories.- Chapter Three: Postfoundational Feminist Theories.- Chapter Four: Material Feminism and the Turn to Matter.- PART TWO.- Chapter Five: Gender.- Chapter Six: Identity and Difference.- Chapter Seven: Recognition and Redistribution.- Chapter Eight: Care and Caring.- Chapter Nine: Bodies and Embodiment.- Chapter Ten: Age and Ageing.- PART THREE.- Chapter Eleven: Feminist Theories and Concepts in Qualitative Health Research.- Chapter Twelve: Feminist Theoretical and Conceptual Frameworks.
Feminist theories and research approaches are committed to generating relevant, morally accountable knowledge and understanding, as well promoting social and political change. Through them, we have the potential to understand more fully the urgent global health concerns that individuals, families and communities face on a daily basis.This unique text provides students across a range of health care disciplines with a clear and accessible introduction to feminist theory and conceptual frameworks, as well as how to apply them to health-specific issues. With a particular focus on students' own qualitative research activities, each chapter guides the reader through challenging and sometimes highly contentious theories with clarity and eloquence, and demonstrates the ways in which feminist theories and research approaches can be used to help analyse the wide range of contemporary issues encountered by health practitioners daily. This is a fascinating read for health science research students and practising health professionals - or indeed anyone wishing to learn more about feminist theories and concepts within health care.

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