Financing the Family

Remittances to Central America in a Time of Crisis
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Inter-American Development Bank
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Demonstrates how focusing on the sectors and states where migrants are concentrated can allow for better policy responses in the face of economic downturns
1. Introduction; Gabriela Inchauste and Ernesto Stein 2. Migration, Remittances, and Economic Development: A Literature Review; Dean Yang 3. Enhancing the Impact of Remittances on Development: New Evidence from Experiments among Migrants from El Salvador; Dean Yang 4. US Migrant Employment and Remittances to Central America: A Cointegration Approach; Gabriela Inchauste, Cesar Liendo and Ernesto Stein 5. Remittances and Poverty in the Context of Economic Crisis: Honduras and El Salvador; Viviane Azevedo, Cesar P. Bouillon, and Marcos Robles 6. Trends in Economic Outcomes for Salvadoran Migrants and Their Remittance Recipients during the US Economic Crisis: Insights from the El Salvador Survey of Migrant Families; Diego Aycinena, Sebastian Calonico, Gabriela Inchauste, Claudia Martinez and Dean Yang
Interest in learning how to make the most of the potential developmental benefits of remittance flows has grown worldwide. Financing the Family adds to that body of knowledge with a summary of recent research that emphasizes experimental approaches, focuses on Central America, and analyzes the impact of the recent financial crisis.

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