Advancing Digital Humanities

Research, Methods, Theories
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P. Arthur
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shows how findings and theories in the field of digital humanities are pioneering new directions in the humanities globally
List of Figures List of Tables Notes on Contributors 1. Collecting Ourselves; Katherine Bode and Paul Longley Arthur PART I: TRANSFORMING DISCIPLINES 2. Exercises in Battology; Mark Byron 3. Stylometry of Dickens's Language: An Experiment with Random Forests; Tomoji Tabata 4. Patterns and Trends in Harlequin Category Romance; Jack Elliott 5. The Printers' Web; Sydney Shep 6. Biographical Dictionaries in the Digital Era; Paul Longley Arthur PART II: MEDIA METHODS 7. Digital Methods in New Cinema History; Richard Maltby, Dylan Walker and Mike Walsh 8. A 'Big Data' Approach to Mapping the Australian Twittersphere; Axel Bruns, Jean Burgess,and Tim Highfield 9. iResearch: What Do Smart Phones Tell Us about the Digital Human?; Mark Coté 10. Screenshots as Virtual Photography: Cybernetics, Remediation, and Affect; Christopher Moore PART III: CRITICAL CURATION 11. Rethinking CollectionS; Julia Flanders 12. Methods and Canons; Katherine Bode and Tara Murphy 13. Reading the Text, Walking the Terrain, Following the Map; Øyvind Eide 14. Doing the Sheep Good: Facilitating Engagement in Digital Humanities and Creative Arts Research; Deb Verhoeven 15. Materialities of Software; Ned Rossiter PART IV: RESEARCH FUTURES 16. Digital Humanities: Is Bigger Better?; Peter Robinson 17. Digital Humanities, or Digitally Based Humanities Research; Paul Turnbull 18. The Big Bang of Online Reading; Alan Liu 19. Getting There from Here: Remembering the Future of Digital Humanities; Willard McCarty
Advancing Digital Humanities moves beyond definition of this dynamic and fast growing field to show how its arguments, analyses, findings and theories are pioneering new directions in the humanities globally.

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