Living with HIV and ARVs

Three-Letter Lives
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C. Squire
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This book explores the possibilities and difficulties of living with HIV and ARVs, or antiretroviral treatment, today. It draws on HIV-positive people's stories from both the UK and the South African epidemics and offers a deep understanding of the continuing difficulties of living with HIV and the effective strategies for coping that have evolved.
PART I: LIVING WITH HIV IN THE TREATMENT POSSIBILITY ERA 1. Why the Three Letters Matter 2. From HIV's Exceptionalism to HIV's Particularity PART II: BEING NATURALISED, BEING LEFT BEHIND 3. Being Naturalised 4. When the Drugs Do Work: The Medicalised HIV Citizen 5. A Long-Term Condition: HIV's Normalisation 6. Investing in the Pandemic: the Marketised HIV Citizen 7. Being Left Behind PART III: 'LIVING ON' AND 'LIVING WITH' HIV: THE PARTICULARITIES OF EPIDEMICS 8. 'Living On': Three-Letter Lives in the UK 9. 'Living With' HIV: Three-Letter Lives in South Africa 10. Hopeful Futures, Inertial Histories and the Complex Present
This book gives an account of the new possibilities and difficulties of long-term living with HIV and antiretroviral treatment. It takes an international perspective, looking at commonalities and differences across high and middle-income countries. The book draws on narrative data collected over a long period in the UK and South Africa. Analysing these stories, it argues that the HIV pandemic still presents highly particular issues that we need to address. The book suggests that HIV's present 'naturalized' incorporation into policy and everyday life is incomplete and difficult. It describes the medicalization, normalization and marketization processes that characterize current political, policy and popular approaches to HIV, and argues that these processes often fail or are resisted by people living with HIV. Finally, it describes people living with HIV's own new narrative strategies for constructing, protecting and extending their HIV citizenship.

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