Teaching Adaptations

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D. Cartmell
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Teaching the New English

moves beyond the dominant approach typically adopted by books of this nature - the textual 'case study' - and will appeal to first time and experienced teachers of adaptations
Notes on the contributors 1. A Short History Of Adaptation Studies in The Classroom; Deborah Cartmell and Imelda Whelehan 2. Canons, Critical Approaches, and Contexts; Shelley Cobb 3. The Paragogy of Adaptation in an EFL Context; Laurence Raw 4. Avoiding 'Compare and Contrast': Applied Theory as a Way to Circumvent the 'Fidelity Issue'; Ariane Hudelet 5. Learning to Share: Adaptation Studies and Open Education Resources; Imelda Whelehan and David Sadler 6. Doing Adaptation: The Adaptation as Critic; Kamilla Elliott 7. Teaching Adapting Screenwriters: Adaptation Theory through Creative Practice; Jamie Sherry 8. Out of the Literary Comfort Zone: Adaptation, Embodiment, and Assimilation; Alessandra Raengo 9. 'Adapting' from School to University: Adaptations in the Transition'; Natalie Hayton 10. Coming soon . . . Teaching the Contemporaneous Adaptation; Rachel Carroll 11. Teaching Adaptations Through Marketing: Adaptations And The Language Of Advertising in the1930s; Deborah Cartmell Chronology of Key Publications and Events Select Bibliography Index
Teaching Adaptations addresses the challenges and appeal of teaching popular fiction and culture, video games and new media content, which serve to enrich the curriculum, as well as exploit the changing methods by which English students read and consume literary and screen texts.

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