The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experiments

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Andrew Knight
350 g
216x140x14 mm
The Palgrave Macmillan Animal Ethics Series

A comprehensive review of recent scientific evidence examining the contributions of animal experimentation to human healthcare. The book also explores toxicity prediction, animal use during life and health sciences education, impacts on student attitudes toward animals, and the extent to which animals suffer in laboratories.
Is animal experimentation justified? A detailed review of recent scientific evidence examining its contributions to human healthcare, and its necessity within biomedical education
List of Tables List of Figures List of Abbreviations Acknowledgements Series Preface Introduction PART I ANIMAL COSTS Global Laboratory Animal Use Types of Laboratory Animal Use mpacts on Laboratory Animals PART II HUMAN BENEFITS Human Clinical Utility of Animal Models Human Toxicological Utility of Animal Models Factors Limiting the Human Utility of Animal Models PART III ALTERNATIVE STRATEGIS Non-Animal Research and Testing Methodologies Reduction and Refinement of Laboratory Animal Use PART IV EDUCATIONAL ANIMAL USE AND STUDENT IMPACTS Educational Animal Use Effects of Harmful Animal Use on Students PART V CONCLUSIONS AND POLICY RECOMMENDATIONS The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experimentation 13 Regulatory Developments and Policy Recommendations Contents Glossary References Index
Few ethical issues create as much controversy as invasive experiments on animals. Some scientists claim they are essential for combating major human diseases, or detecting human toxins. Others claim the contrary, backed by thousands of patients harmed by pharmaceuticals developed using animal tests. Some claim all experiments are conducted humanely, to high scientific standards. Yet, a wealth of studies have recently revealed that laboratory animals suffer significant stress, which may distort experimental results. Where, then, does the truth lie?
How useful are such experiments in advancing human healthcare?
How much do animals suffer as a result?
And do students really need to dissect or experiment on animals?
What are the effects on their attitudes towards them?
Bioethicist and veterinarian Andrew Knight presents more than a decade of groundbreaking scientific research, analysis and experience to provide evidence-based answers to a key question: is animal experimentation ethically justifiable?

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