Competing through ICT Capability

Innovation in Image Communication
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M. Kodama
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Proposes that video communications tools are a form of infrastructure that enhance the creation of new knowledge which transcends space and time in business activities. Illustrates that the dynamic relationship of four elements of ICT capability promote the formation of business networks and the development of knowledge communities.
List of Tables List of Figures Preface and Acknowledgement Introduction ICT and Boundary Innovation The Advancement of ICT Tools and Knowledge & Innovation Management The Innovation and Market Expansion of Video Communications Collaborative ICT Tools and Organization Development Product Development & Collaborative ICT tools Workplace & Collaborative ICT Tools ICT Innovations in Healthcare and Welfare ICT Capability and Knowledge Integration Implications and Conclusion - Convergence & ICT Capability Appendix References Index
ICT capability can be seen as having an intrinsic relationship with the intangible assets of practical knowledge that stems from the experiences of people and organizations. This book analyses and examines the components of ICT capabilities based on the results of surveys of ICT usage made at the global level. It considers four elements of ICT capability that promote knowledge creation activities through particular modes of use of video communication tools (ICT application capability, dialectical dialogue capability, context architect capability, and boundaries consolidation capability). It also illustrates that the dynamic relationshipof these four elements promotes the formation of business networks and the formation, maintenance and development of knowledge communities, and leads to new knowledge creation.The author of this volume has more than 15 years of practical experience in product development, sales and marketing in the ICT field, especially in the field of collaboration tools, and has accumulated field studies and results. It is significant that since this book relates to the image collaboration tools that are very likely to take on the key role of knowledge creation in ICT management in the coming era, it will not only offer new practical implications to practitioners with regard to 'ICT strategy' and 'ICT management,'but also open up new theoretical implications regarding strategic management and these research domains to expansion and development.

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