New Waves in Philosophy of Mind

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M. Sprevak
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New Waves in Philosophy

Fresh look at core area of philosophy
Series Editors' Preface Notes on Contributors PART I: METAPHYSICS OF MIND 1. The Cartesian Argument Against Physicalism; Philip Goff 2. A Call for Modesty: A Priori Philosophy and the Mind-Body Problem; Eric Funkhouser 3. Verbs and Minds; Carrie Figdor 4. Meanings and Methodologies; Justin C. Fisher 5. Entangled Externalisms, Mark Sprevak and Jesper Kallestrup 6. The Phenomenal Basis of Epistemic Justification; Declan Smithies 7. The Metaphysics of Mind and the Multiple Sources of Multiple Realizability; Gualtiero Piccinini and Corey J. Maley 8. The Real Trouble with Armchair Arguments Against Phenomenal Externalism; Adam Pautz PART II: MIND AND COGNITIVE SCIENCE 9. Problems and Possibilities for Empirically-Informed Philosophy of Mind; Elizabeth Irvine 10. Psychological Explanation, Ontological Commitment, and the Semantic View of Theories; Colin Klein 11. Naturalizing Action Theory; Bence Nanay 12. The Architecture of Higher Thought; Daniel A. Weiskopf 13. Significance Testing in Neuroimagery; Edouard Machery 14. Lack of Imagination: Individual Differences in Mental Imagery and the Significance of Consciousness; Ian Phillips 15. A Beginner's Guide to Group Minds; Georg Theiner Index
Philosophy of mind is one of the core disciplines in philosophy. The questions that it deals with are profound, vexed and intriguing. This volume of 15 new cutting-edge essays gives young researchers a chance to stir up new ideas. The topics covered include the nature of consciousness, cognition, and action.

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