Black Power beyond Borders

The Global Dimensions of the Black Power Movement
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N. Slate
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This groundbreaking volume examines the transnational dimensions of Black Power - how Black Power thinkers and activists drew on foreign movements and vice versa how individuals and groups in other parts of the world interpreted 'Black Power,' from African liberation movements to anti-caste agitation in India to indigenous protests in New Zealand.
Examines the transnational dimensions of Black Power - how Black Power thinkers and activists drew on foreign movements and vice versa
Introduction. The Borders of Black Power; Nico Slate PART I: THE ROOTS OF BLACK POWER 1. Rethinking Radicalism: African Americans and the Liberation Struggles in Somalia, Libya, and Eritrea, 1945-1949; Carol Anderson 2. The Activism of George McCray: Confluence and Conflict of Pan-Africanism and Transnational Labor Solidarity; Yevette Richards 3. When the Panther Travels: Race and the Southern Diaspora in the History of the BPP, 1964 - 1972; Donna Murch PART II: THE PANTHERS ABROAD 4. The Black Panthers of Israel and the Politics of the Radical Analogy; Oz Frankel 5. The Polynesian Panthers and The Black Power: Surviving Racism and Colonialism in Aotearoa New Zealand; Robbie Shilliam 6. The Dalit Panthers: Race, Caste, and Black Power in India; Nico Slate PART III: THE POWER IN BLACK POWER 7. 'They've lynched our savior, Lumumba in the old fashion Southern Style': The Conscious Internationalism of American Black Nationalism; Yohuru Williams 8. From Black Power to a Revolution of Values: Grace Lee Boggs and the Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.; Scott Kurashige 9. Music is a World: Stevie Wonder and the Sound of Black Power; Kevin Gaines
Black Power burst out of nowhere in 1966 a saga of pride, anger, and violence that threatened the civil rights movement and challenged the very fabric of America. Or at least that's how it seemed to many Americans. The story of Black Power is older, richer, and more global than many recognize. In Black Power Beyond Borders , famous figures like Stevie Wonder and the Black Panthers emerge in a new light alongside lesser known organizations like the Polynesian Panthers. From Harlem and Oakland to India and Israel, Black Power inspired movements that challenged boundaries throughout the world.

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