The Great War and Veterans' Internationalism

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J. Eichenberg
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After the Great War, Veterans were a new transnational mass phenomenon. This volume uses case studies to discuss the extent and impact of international veterans' organisations and draws out important comparative points between well-researched and documented movements and those that are less well-known.
Introduction: The Great War and Veterans' Internationalism; Julia Eichenberg & John Paul Newman PART I: CULTURES OF VICTORY 1. René Cassin and the Victory of French Citizens-Soldiers; Antoine Prost 2. 'The Legion that Sailed but Never Went'. The British Legion and the Munich Crisis of 1938; Niall Barr 3. Well-Armed Internationalism: American Veteran Organizations and the Crafting of an "Associated" Veterans' Internationalism, 1919-1939; Stephen Ortiz PART II: ASPIRATIONAL ALLIES 4. Polish Eagles and Peace Doves. Polish Veterans between Nationalism and Internationalism; Julia Eichenberg 5. Allied Yugoslavia. Serbian Great War Veterans and their Internationalist Ties; John Paul Newman 6. Social Benefits and the Rhetoric of Peace in Czechoslovak Veteran Organizations; Natali Stegmann PART III: THE REVISIONIST CHALLENGE 7. German Veterans' Associations and the Culture of Peace: The Case oft he Reichsbanner; William Mulligan 8. The Italian Associazione Nazionale Mutilati e Invalidi di Guerra and Its International Liaisons in the Post Great War Era; Martina Salvante PART IV: THE INTERNATIONAL DIMENSION 9. International Veterans' Organizations and the Promotion of Disarmament between the Two World Wars; Thomas Davies 10. Beyond Cultures of Victory and Cultures of Defeat? Inter-war Veteran Internationalism; John Horne Bibliography

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