Mastering System Center Configuration Manager

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Santos Martinez
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Introduction xxiii

Chapter 1 Overview of System Center Configuration Manager and Microsoft Intune 1

Chapter 2 Planning a Configuration Manager Infrastructure 17

Chapter 3 Migrating to Configuration Manager 63

Chapter 4 Installation and Site Role Configuration 103

Chapter 5 Client Installation 185

Chapter 6 Client Health 229

Chapter 7 Application Deployment 247

Chapter 8 Software Updates 319

Chapter 9 Operating System Deployment 407

Chapter 10 Inventory and Software Metering 479

Chapter 11 Asset Intelligence 513

Chapter 12 Reporting 533

Chapter 13 Compliance Settings 565

Chapter 14 Endpoint Protection 633

Chapter 16 Disaster Recovery 683

Chapter 17 Troubleshooting 711

Chapter 18 Enterprise Mobility and Configuration Manager 759

Appendix The Bottom Line Answers 859

Chapter 2: Planning a Configuration Manager Infrastructure 859

Chapter 3: Migrating to Configuration Manager 860

Chapter 4: Installation and Site Role Configuration 862

Chapter 5: Client Installation 864

Chapter 6: Client Health 865

Chapter 7: Application Deployment 866

Chapter 8: Software Updates 867

Chapter 9: Operating System Deployment 868

Chapter 10: Inventory and Software Metering 869

Chapter 11: Asset Intelligence 870

Chapter 12: Reporting 871

Chapter 13: Compliance Settings 872

Chapter 14: Endpoint Protection 873

Chapter 15: Role-Based Administration 874

Chapter 16: Disaster Recovery 875

Chapter 17: Troubleshooting 876

Chapter 18: Enterprise Mobility and Configuration Manager 877

Index 879
Get up to date quickly with clear, expert coverage of SCCM 2016
Mastering System Center Configuration Manager provides comprehensive coverage of Microsoft's powerful network software deployment tool, with a practical hands-on approach. Written by Santos Martinez, Peter Daalmans, and Brett Bennett, this guide walks you through SCCM 2016 with in-depth explanations anchored in real-world applications to get you up to speed quickly. Whether you're planning a new installation or migrating from a previous version of Configuration Manager, this book provides clear instruction and expert insight to get the job done right. Fully aligned with the latest release, the discussion covers the newest tools and features with examples that illustrate utility in a variety of contexts.

System Center Configuration Manager (formerly SMS) is one of Microsoft's flagship products; the 2016 release has been updated with better Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 compatibility, improved tools for managing non-Microsoft mobile devices in the cloud, and more. This book provides start-to-finish coverage and expert guidance on everything you need to get your system up to date.
Deploy software and operating systems
Automate processes and customize configurations
Monitor performance and troubleshoot issues
Manage security in the cloud and on Virtual Machines

SCCM 2016 improves your ability to handle the bring-your-own-device influx in managing mobile, streamlining the latest hiccup right into the everyday workflow. Mastering System Center Configuration Manager provides the practical coverage you need to get up and running seamlessly.

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